Why A Platform For Mental Health?

Over the past few years, a pathbreaking period has begun for mental health in India. We saw several people like celebrities, comedians, artists, politicians, and next-door Janes and Joes open up to acknowledge one thing. That mental health concerns exist, mental health care is a priority, and mental health is for all.

As awareness and dialogue around mental health gained momentum, individuals were left feeling validated and understood. Yet, despite being aware and sensitized about mental health, most of us today hesitate to make that appointment with the counsellor, or join that support group. Self-care plays a really important role in this journey, but where does the process start?

“Do I see a counsellor or a psychiatrist? How do I choose one? What if I’m not comfortable yet?”

If not addressed appropriately, these questions can potentially leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, scared, or lonely.

To find answers, individuals usually turn to healthcare apps and websites where they are met with standard information about psychologists and psychiatrists in their vicinity. With a primary focus on educational qualifications and hourly fees, these listicles do not give people a chance to get to know the person behind the mental health professional. We believe that the counsellor’s personality, the process of their work, the excitement, commitment and hope they bring into the counselling relationship are factors that could help a person find a counsellor that they truly resonate with.

Further, although counselling is undoubtedly an important tool for self-care, it is not the only way in which an individual can take care of their mental health. Not being ready for therapy should not alienate a person from practicing self-care.

“If I’m not ready for counselling, which other way can I take care of my mental health?”

This is where we come in: The Mind Clan.

The Mind Clan is a mental health community platform that provides individuals with the tools they need for self-care. From a curated list of counsellors to a range of mental health events, we provide individuals the options for self-care they feel the most comfortable to practice, in a way that’s most personal to them.

On The Mind Clan, individuals get access to tools such as:

  • A specially curated list of LGBTQ+ friendly psychologists from the city who provide services of counselling and therapy. The icebreakers on each profile offer a glimpse into their personalities, views & the commitment they bring to their work.
  • A list of upcoming workshops, support groups, and other mental health and self-care events in the city, with featured profiles of facilitators behind the events.
  • Merchandise, products and resources that focus on normalizing and de-stigmatizing mental health and self-care.

The Mind Clan believes that you already have the skills, intentions, and the know-how to practice self-care. But making these more visible, accessible and personalized is what we wish to facilitate.

There is no right way or path to start taking care of your mental health. It is about choosing which path works best for you.

Self-Care Starts Here.

About The Mind Clan

I n A Society Where Stigma Has Destroyed All Adventure,
The Only Adventure Left Is To Destroy That Stigma.

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Information on the Site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice, whether toward diagnosis or treatment of a psychological or physical health problem, or for prescribing medication.


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