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The Platform

TheMindClan is a mental health platform dedicated to giving you access to curated tools for mental health care. We firmly believe that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to mental health care, and are devoting our time and resources to let you experience a personal form of caring for your mental health.

We believe that the existing system around the person seeking support is often plagued with stigma, quick to pathologize, and driven by a cookie-cutter approach that does not take everyone’s needs into account.

We believe that the intimidation, judgment and stigma surrounding mental health can be chipped away when people are able to make choices for their mental health care by themselves, based on their current needs, in a non-threatening community space like ours.

As a community platform, we are grounded in feminist, social justice, LGBTQIA+ liberation and other movements of inclusion.

We center the needs and invite the experiences of each and every individual irrespective of age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, caste, colour, or ability.

We believe that through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, as a community, and as an effective mental health care system.

A ‘curated’ list means that TheMindClan has carefully shortlisted and selected individuals, counsellors and groups who align with our values, hopes and intentions to make mental health care centered around your needs.

We’ve come a long way since we launched our platform in May of 2018. At the very beginning, we only listed mental health counsellors in Mumbai. The moment we realized the power of including the dimensions of community support and resources, we rushed back to the drawing boards and launch an entirely new platform a few months later (quite similar to what you see today!).

We constantly try to equip ourselves with more ways to make the curation ‘perfect’, but we know that no curated platform ever will be.

As mental health care is a personal journey, it can happen that the support services you reach out to may not provide you with the experience you really sought for.

The hope we have, is to empower you with the knowledge of what a personal mental health care system can look like, when it’s created with your needs and choice at the center of it.

We are confident that once you experience this, you can head to any services you have access to (or discover) and recognize just the support you need.

On TheMindClan, you will find a carefully curated list of mental health counsellors, an upcoming list of workshops, support groups, events near you, active helplines, as well as resources and products that offer you support. We also highlight the story, motivations and journeys of the counsellors, facilitators and support groups on the platform to help you recognize a value fit.

One’s options for mental health care can look different from another’s. Some prefer starting their mental health journey by visiting a counsellor, while others may need access to helpful resources or communities at that very time.

By offering you multiple choices for mental health care, we hope to let you choose where you’d like your journey to start from.

We work to ‘aggregate’ the mental health space for counsellors, support groups, helplines, events and resources that align with our values, and list them on our platform for you to choose from.

You receive not only basic information about them, but also their responses to questions about their journey, work and background to help you make the ideal choice.

We are here to bridge the connections, and help in reducing the intimidation and stigma around caring for one’s mental health.

When one decides to start caring for their mental health, they often lack access to supportive systems around them. “Whom do I go to for support?”, “What do I say?”, “If not counselling, what else can I do?” are some of the many questions we know an individual has when they start their mental health care journey.

Finding one’s safe space may involve a lot of ‘soul searching’. Soul searching of finding a space that resonates with your hopes, values, beliefs and identity. We want to help you experience that resonance when you’re stuck at the question ‘How do I start caring for my mental health?’.

We intend to become a system that understands you for who you are, is sensitive to your identities and makes mental health a personal journey again by centering your choice and mobilizing community support.

Yes. This platform is completely free to use for our users as well as the people and groups listed on the platform.

Currently, this entire initiative is funded by the co-founders of the platform. We do not charge counsellors (and other profiles) a fee if you reach out to them through TheMindClan. We only request them and individuals who use the platform to let us know how we’ve impacted them. To sustain the venture and ourselves, we may run our own events, display ads, or sell products on the platform. Though we’re still working on it, these would be additional to what we do currently. Providing you with the right tools to mental health care would always be a priority.

Oooops. Send us a mail on with a screenshot of your bug!

Open up that particular profile’s page and see if there is a disclaimer (under the profile image) as to why the image is displaying a certain way. If you don’t find one, shoot us a mail on!

Currently, we’re building base in Mumbai, India. We’re soon planning to grow TheMindClan into many cities in and around the country. Stay tuned!

We are constantly looking to collaborate with Individuals, Media Houses, Organizations, Support Groups (and many more!) who share our vision and passion for mental health. If you’d like to collaborate with us on anything at all, or if you’d like to tell us about your mental health journey, send us an email on We’d love to know you and hear your story.

If you’re a counsellor or an event facilitator, look at the corresponding sections below to know the process of reaching out to us. 🙂

Counsellors On The Platform

This is a carefully curated list of counsellors who have private practices and are not employed by TheMindClan. These professionals are extremely invested in mental health and are passionate about helping you take care of yours.

We’ve made sure to make the process of finding and shortlisting counsellor profiles user-intuitive. Head over to TheMindClan Professionals page to find individual profiles of the counsellors on our curated list and take your pick.!🙂 Once you choose a counsellor, fill out our form and we will e-mail you their contact details!

If you need any assistance with this process, feel free to drop us an email on and we’d be happy to be of any help!

All the counsellors on our network have offline private practices in different parts of Mumbai. Few of the counsellors offer online counselling as well. Check out their individual profiles to view details about their medium of practice (offline or online) and take your pick.

All payments of session fees are to be made between the client and the counsellor separately. You can visit the individual profiles of the counsellors to find out how much they charge for sessions and the payment types they accept (eg: Cash, NEFT etc). No payment is to be made to TheMindClan either by the users or the counsellors. We are simply here to bridge gaps and foster connections between individuals and professionals in a personalized manner. 🙂

The counsellors on our network do not pay TheMindClan for getting clients via the platform. TheMindClan also does not charge a fee to the counsellors each time they get a client through the platform.

To set an appointment with a counsellor of your choice, you can directly contact them either via their phone number or email id as provided in their individual profile. You can access these details easily once you click on the “Reach Out” button on their profile and fill out the quick form after.

Not necessarily. Each of our counsellors is specially shortlisted and selected by TheMindClan to provide you with commendable service. The price they charge for their sessions is each one’s personal choice based on various factors.

No. TheMindClan currently features only mental health counsellors on the platform. However, based on the nature and severity of your concerns, our list of counsellors should be trained to know if they need to refer you to a psychiatrist for the purpose of medication. Don’t worry, you will be guided and supported every step of the way. 🙂

Absolutely! We love user recommendations! To recommend a counsellor or a facilitator to the platform, all you have to do is fill out this form – and we will take it from there. !🙂

TheMindClan always welcomes mental health professionals who resonate with our vision to be part of our Counsellors network. If you’d like to be part of our clan, we encourage you to first check out our Curation Guidelines to have a better idea of our intake criteria. You can then drop us an email on community@themindclan.comand we’d let you know the process. 🙂

Events On The Platform

The events featured on TheMindClan are purely related to mental health and self-care. We feature workshops, support groups, entertainment and arts based events, and conferences that only cater to the community. Mental health does not exist in a vacuum. Hence, we include events that also focus on gender, sexuality, free expression, art, poetry, music – all of which are vital to your self-care and in turn, your mental health. 🙂 We do not feature training programs or any educational courses that cater to mental health professionals or aspiring mental health workers.

No. We do feature workshops, but we also include other kinds of self-care events such as support groups, conferences, forums, entertainment and arts.

Every event listed on the platform would have its own registration link if the facilitators of the event choose to accept registrations. If you have any problems or queries, we make sure to provide you with the contact details of the facilitators so that you can get in touch with them.

Join our newsletter! 🙂 See the form in our footer!

No. TheMindClan will feature any event related to mental health and self-care irrespective of whether the facilitator of the event is featured on our website (as long as it fits in our curation guidelines, of course). The event list would still be curated to meet our community requirements. Our facilitators’ events will definitely be part of our calendar too.

Currently, TheMindClan is featuring events that are organized in Mumbai only. We hope to reach other cities in the future. 🙂

The events featured on TheMindClan can either be paid or free depending upon the facilitator of the event and the nature of the event they are organizing. Each event page will have details of the ticket pricing for you to check before you register.

“TheMindClan Event” is an experience that is created and organized for you by the co-founders of TheMindClan. The other events featured on the platform are created and organized either by our network of facilitators or by other individuals/communities who work in mental health.

Event Faciltiators On The Platform

A facilitator is an individual who creates, organizes, and conducts events and experiences for the community.

The facilitators on TheMindClan are individuals, groups, organizations, and communities who care deeply about mental health. They create and organize workshops, support groups, and other events to provide you with experiences of education, de-stigmatization, engagement, exploration, support, and healing around mental health and self-care.

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Absolutely! We love user recommendations! To recommend a counsellor or a facilitator to the platform, all you have to do is fill out this form – and we will take it from there. ![🙂]

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