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Counsellors Curation Guidelines

About The Curation Process:

At TheMindClan, we strive to create a relationship of transparency and resiliency with our users. We hope that a sneak peek into our process of curating the list of counsellors on the platform would help inspire confidence and trust in our project’s accountability and credibility. Take a look at how we do what we do! 🙂

Why We Have A Curation Process:

TheMindClan team founded this project with specific intentions and hopes for the community that we cater to. Hence, we try our best to ensure that all the self-care resources that we feature on the platform align with our vision. The Counsellors network is one such important self-care resource that we offer and hence, the curation process guides us to achieve the said purpose. While we wholeheartedly respect the work and the genuineness of every mental health professional who applies, we are truly sorry if we are unable to feature your profile. In the event this occurs, it is purely due to a mismatch with our guidelines. We hold these criteria close to our hearts and they are connected to concrete hopes of providing the community with services that we can trust and personally vouch for.


If you are a counsellor who’d like to be featured, thank you for believing in TheMindClan and expressing an interest to join our tribe. 🙂

The following are the criteria and guidelines that we prioritize in our process of selecting counsellors who apply to be listed on our platform:

  1. Minimum educational qualification of **M.A. in Psychology **with a minimum of 1 year of experience in working with people in the age group of 18 years and above.

  2. At least 2 testimonials from clients whom the counsellor has worked with or is continuing to work with. We assure you that we truly understand the importance of confidentiality and hence, we are only invested in what your clients have to share regarding their overall experience, their relationship with you, and what stood out to them in the counselling interaction. We do not require any details regarding the areas of concern or specifics of your therapeutic conversations with each other.

As part of the testimonials, we request the counsellor to provide the email id or phone number of the clients for the purpose of verification. Please obtain consent from your clients before you share the contact details of their choice with us. TheMindClan prioritizes the privacy of individuals. We assure you that when we connect with your clients for verification, it will purely focus on corroborating the testimonial provided by them. We will not indulge in any conversation about the areas of concern that they brought into counselling. To ensure appropriate protocol and sensitivity, all verification communications with clients will be undertaken by our co-founder Shweta Srinivasan who is a trained counsellor by profession too.

  1. The counsellor’s **answers to our curated list of questions **matter to us. These questions have been designed to provide a window into the counsellor’s personal connection to their work, their intentions from the counselling relationship they establish with clients, their worldview, and their understanding of people. If you decide to apply and drop in an email to us, TheMindClan will send you this onboarding questionnaire in response. We love this part of the process as it helps us get to know our counsellors better and we are always excited to do so. 🙂

  2. Links to professional online profiles of the counsellor on platforms like Practo, the counsellor’s own website, or on the website of an organization/counselling centre that the counsellor is part of. This information will be gathered as part of our onboarding questionnaire. If the counsellor does not have an online professional profile, that’s okay! In such a case, we will prioritize the client testimonials and verification process. 🙂

  3. TheMindClan does not feature services such as alternative healing methods, fortune telling, cartomancy, astrology, numerology, psychic services, and other similar practices.

If you feel that you resonate with our vision and these criteria, drop us an email on our email address. Our team will guide you from there. 🙂

End note:

Our curation criteria help us get in touch with people who believe in and align with TheMindClan’s vision. These criteria are not meant to stifle or obstruct professionals from reaching out to us. They are simply meant to personalize the connections we establish and guide the selection of self-care resources that we feature on the platform.

We request and encourage counsellors to read these guidelines and feel free to drop us an email on our email address if you’d like to apply or if you have any questions and feedback!

We are forever eager and hopeful to connect with individuals, professionals, and facilitators who can join The Clan wagon and create impact in the community. 🙂