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A list of support groups, group therapy and sharing spaces that cater to various communities and mental health needs across India.
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The Listening Circle | Image

The Listening Circle

Peer Support Group for mental health users and survivors as well as another circle for caregivers.

Meets: Monthly

The Village | Image

The Village

A support group for all (Desi) Single Parents needs.

Meets: Monthly

BPD Humans Support Group  | Image

BPD Humans Support Group

BPD Humans is a monthly virtual meet up of people experiencing BPD, guided by a mental health professional. People here share what happened throughout the month, coping mechanisms and hold space for each other

Meets: Monthly

Suicide Bereavement Support Group | Image

Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Support Group for Survivors of Suicide Loss

Meets: Every Third Saturday

Chhaanv ( छाँव ) | Image

Chhaanv ( छाँव )

Chhaanv छाँव - A Mental Health & Well-being Support Group is an initiative to provide shade to people who want to navigate through the issues affecting their mental well-being. The theme of the support group is not limited to any particular area

Meets: Monthly

Umang | Image


Umang is a support group for lesbian--bisexual women and transmasculine persons.

Queer Justice Healing Circle | Image

Queer Justice Healing Circle

The Queer Justice Healing Circle is a support group (currently virtual) for queer persons across India facilitated by a queer affirmative therapist.

Meets: Twice Monthly

Work_In_Progress Initiative | Image

Work_In_Progress Initiative

A community of people reflecting and working upon their mental health and well-being.

Meets: Second, third and fourth Sunday of the month.

Let's Discuss the Meh | Image

Let's Discuss the Meh

Right now it is a support group that offers mental health support during COVID. Before this, we were a support group for depression

Meets: Weekly

Bibliotherapy Mumbai | Image

Bibliotherapy Mumbai

Support Group for growth & self-improvement through reading & therapeutic activities based on self-help books

WeSurvive | Image


Providing a safe space for adult survivors of child sexual abuse to share and feel supported.

Meets: Once a month

The Plane Jar: Safe Space | Image

The Plane Jar: Safe Space

A support group for anyone who just wants an open space to come and share their feelings. Primarily we focus on abuse, mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community

Meets: Weekly

Queer Support Group | Image

Queer Support Group

A psychotherapy support group for queer folk. If you are looking to find a safe space to explore, express and find support and community in your journey as a queer person (sexual and/or gender identity) with a mental health experience

Meets: Twice Monthly

Insight | Image


Insight is a psychosocial support group for persons with disability.

Meets: Weekly

Safe Spaces | Image

Safe Spaces

A support group about discussing issues that bother us on a day to day basis. The topics change every week

Meets: Weekly

All Sorts of Queer | Image

All Sorts of Queer

ASQ is a peer-to-peer support group for LBT persons only. ASQ is a safe space for you if you are: (1) queer, and (2) not a cis man

Meets: Last Saturday and Second Wednesday