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A list of support groups, group therapy and sharing spaces that cater to various communities and mental health needs across India.
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WeSurvive | Image


Providing a safe space for adult survivors of child sexual abuse to share and feel supported.

Meets: Once a month

KATFair | Image


KATFair is about people connecting based on interests, engage their inner creativity, a way to meet like minded individuals, make friends and something fun to do on a Sunday night;.

Meets: Weekly

The Listening Circle | Image

The Listening Circle

Peer Support Group for mental health users and survivors as well as another circle for caregivers.

Meets: Monthly

The Village | Image

The Village

A support group for all (Desi) Single Parents needs.

Meets: Monthly

Chhaanv ( छाँव ) | Image

Chhaanv ( छाँव )

Chhaanv छाँव - A Mental Health & Well-being Support Group is an initiative to provide shade to people who want to navigate through the issues affecting their mental well-being. The theme of the support group is not limited to any particular area

Meets: Monthly

Insight | Image


Insight is a psychosocial support group for persons with disability.

Meets: Weekly

The Plane Jar: Safe Space | Image

The Plane Jar: Safe Space

A support group for anyone who just wants an open space to come and share their feelings. Primarily we focus on abuse, mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community

Meets: Weekly

Let's Discuss the Meh | Image

Let's Discuss the Meh

Right now it is a support group that offers mental health support during COVID. Before this, we were a support group for depression

Meets: Weekly

QYSSA: Queer Youth Solidarity, Support & Affirmation | Image

QYSSA: Queer Youth Solidarity, Support & Affirmation

QYSSA aims to bring young queer/LGBTQIA+ and questioning youth together to a space where we can collectively unpack what is going on in our lives and individual journeys of discovering our selves. This space is for sharing, listening, offering experiences, asking questions, learning to ask for help and allowing ourselves to be held empathetically by those willing to stand with us

Meets: Twice A Month

The Cloud | Image

The Cloud

A support group for anyone experiencing isolation in the lockdown and covid-19 pandemic.

Meets: Weekly

Wansa | Image


To hold space for experiences of Kashmiri women- the hardships and challenges we face in negotiating our daily routine and support systems present.

Meets: Weekly

All Sorts of Queer | Image

All Sorts of Queer

ASQ is a peer-to-peer support group for LBT persons only. ASQ is a safe space for you if you are: (1) queer, and (2) not a cis man

Meets: Last Saturday and Second Wednesday

Queer Support Group | Image

Queer Support Group

A psychotherapy support group for queer folk. If you are looking to find a safe space to explore, express and find support and community in your journey as a queer person (sexual and/or gender identity) with a mental health experience

Meets: Twice Monthly

Knit Your Own Tale | Image

Knit Your Own Tale

Knit Your Own Tale is a psychoeducation, safe space for expressing one's challenges, creating a supportive community to reduce loneliness and enhance wellbeing through connection.

Meets: Weekly

Safe Spaces | Image

Safe Spaces

A support group about discussing issues that bother us on a day to day basis. The topics change every week

Meets: Weekly

Work_In_Progress Initiative | Image

Work_In_Progress Initiative

A community of people reflecting and working upon their mental health and well-being.

Meets: Second, third and fourth Sunday of the month.

BPD Humans Support Group  | Image

BPD Humans Support Group

BPD Humans is a monthly virtual meet up of people experiencing BPD, guided by a mental health professional. People here share what happened throughout the month, coping mechanisms and hold space for each other

Meets: Monthly

Umang | Image


Umang is a support group for lesbian--bisexual women and transmasculine persons.

Profiles Currently Not Gathering

Suicide Bereavement Support Group | Image

Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Support Group for Survivors of Suicide Loss

Meets: Every Third Saturday

Queer Justice Healing Circle | Image

Queer Justice Healing Circle

The Queer Justice Healing Circle is a support group (currently virtual) for queer persons across India facilitated by a queer affirmative therapist.

Meets: Twice Monthly

Bibliotherapy Mumbai | Image

Bibliotherapy Mumbai

Support Group for growth & self-improvement through reading & therapeutic activities based on self-help books