Write with Us

TheMindClan Blog is opening its doors to Guest Authors. We invite you to send in articles, poems and illustrations for us to share them as a valuable resource with the community!

What Can You Write About?

You may write about your lived experience with mental health, the tools and resources that have worked for you, the struggles, hardships, small and big successes in your mental health journey. This is your space.

How It Works

  1. Write and send your stories to community@themindclan.com with the subject “Guest Post for TheMindClan Blog”
  2. You can send the story to us either as an attachment, or directly in the body of the mail.
  3. We will credit the piece of writing to your name (do let us know if you’d like us to link to any of your social media profiles as well!). If you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect that too.
  4. If you are sending in a poem, please include a short paragraph that introduces the readers to the context of the poem.
  5. We will acknowledge that we have received your post, and share it with our team for editing and final approvals.
  6. Please don’t take us not publishing a story as a way of saying your stories don’t have value. We have a small editorial team currently, and hope to have a spot for every story we receive from you.
  7. We’re still testing this out and are going to constantly try to make the process of you sharing your story easier. If you have any feedback or thoughts, do write them to us. We’d love to know more.