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Where You've Seen Us

MHI : Mariwala Health Initiative | Logo

MHI : Mariwala Health Initiative

Mentioned in a piece written by our co-founder on their experience in QACP course by MHI.

Professional Solidarity : What Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice Means To Me As A Mental Health Practitioner

Dysco.in | Logo


Dysco is a professional networking platform and community, designed to facilitate discovery between people, brands and agencies.

Mission Positive: 15 individuals & brands using their platform to spur vital conversations

Huff Post | Logo
The Hard Copy | Logo

The Hard Copy

Mentioned in The Hard Copy's 'The Work From Home Planner' resource.

Work From Home: India Planner 2020

Partners & Collaborators
Ummeed Child Development Center | Logo

Ummeed Child Development Center

Constantly supporting our efforts of making mental health care a personal and accessible journey for young Indians.

HelmOfEight | Logo


Helm Of Eight Impact Ventures are strategic partners who facilitate innovation to empower individuals, organizations and collectives in creating sustainable impact. They're offering us corporate ecosystem support.

CitiesRISE | Logo


citiesRISE is a global platform committed to transforming the state of mental health policy and practice in cities and beyond to meet the mental health needs of populations across the world. They're offering us ecosystem support.

Bridge The Care Gap | Logo

Bridge The Care Gap

Listed as supporters of Mariwala Health Initiative's campaign on Lobbying Effectively for Social Change

Bhor Foundation | Logo

Bhor Foundation

Bhor foundation gave us the opportunity to present our vision as a poster and give life to our ideas at their festival ‘Project Reclamation’.

Community Shout Outs
Therapy In India | Logo

Therapy In India

Featured as a trusted resource on TherapyInIndia.com

The Artidote | Logo

The Artidote

Recommended by the community on TheArtidote’s Call Out For "Trusted Counsellors in Mumbai".

Reddit R/Mumbai | Logo

Reddit R/Mumbai

Moderators from r/Mumbai pinned our post for an entire month.

Brown Paperbag Comics | Logo

Brown Paperbag Comics

Featured on BrownPaperBagComics as a resource for his community.