In A Society Where Stigma Has Destroyed All Adventure, The Only Adventure Left Is To Destroy That Stigma.

We are TheMindClan. We are here to make mental health care a journey that centers your choice.

About TheMindClan

TheMindClan is a mental health platform dedicated to giving individuals access to a curated list of tools for mental health care. We vow to be a system that makes mental health a personal journey again by centering your choice and mobilizing community support.

Why We Do It

The existing mental health care systems are plagued with stigma, quick to pathologize, and driven by a cookie-cutter approach that does not take individual needs into account.

We intend to flip the system on its head by placing people's choice at the centre. We intend to become a system that understands you for who you are and is sensitive to your identities.

We believe that the intimidation, judgment and stigma surrounding mental health can be chipped away when people are able to make choices for their mental health care by themselves, based on their current needs, in a non-threatening community space like ours. .

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Why We Are Different

We firmly believe that there's no cookie-cutter approach to mental health care, and are devoting our time and resources to let individuals understand a more personal form of caring for their mental health. We are also completely volunteer-driven, and offer the platform to our users at no cost.

At Our Core

Through our platform, we want the world to know that we are grounded in feminist, social justice, LGBTQIA+ liberation, and other movements of inclusion. We center the needs and invite the experiences of each and every individual irrespective of age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, caste, colour, or physical ability. We believe that through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, as a community, and as an effective mental health care system.

What Do We Do?

We offer you access to a curated range of support services that you can reach out to, when you're stuck at 'Where Do I Start?'

Mental Health Counsellors

Our community of specially curated professionals care deeply about mental health and are dedicated to helping you take care of yours. You can find details on their respective private practices on the platform.

Events & Workshops

Find events, workshops, and trainings in your city that help you experience mental health care. Learn, share and interact with the community & facilitators behind the experience.

Sharing Spaces

A carefully curated list of group therapy gatherings and support groups that offer a space for sharing experiences, making connections, and providing you support.

Stories & Resources

Stories, poems, resources & articles sourced from our community, to guide you through your mental health journey. Powered by a consent driven trigger warning system.

Active Mental Health Helplines

Reach out to helplines that are privately operated by trained professionals and/or trained volunteers who provide non-judgmental listening and emotional support to anyone in distress.

Mental Health Bites

A few thought provoking visuals, posts and ideas that are intended to add perspective to your understanding on mental health, and cope with your experiences.

Start with a service that you feel the most comfort and resonance with. We hope that a safe and trustful partnership with the curated list of professionals and the communities on our platform make your mental health journey a little less alone, and a little more hopeful.

The People


Shweta Srinivasan
Co-Founder, Counsellor

Shweta comes with an earnest passion for and understanding of mental health. She is a practicing counsellor and her heart lies in getting to know the people underneath the problems that they present. Shweta has always yearned for safe spaces that address mental health and self-care, and that feel like home. She intends for TheMindClan to be that safe space for you.

Mani Kumar
Co-Founder, Believer

Mani brings with him a strong foundation in the media field with a core focus on branding, design, marketing and SEO. He believes that every individual has a powerful story that deserves expression – all they need is the right space and platform to be heard. Through TheMindClan, Mani hopes that individuals find the safe space to express their stories and discover themselves.

Fabulous People

Our Well-Wishers

This section is dedicated to remembering and thanking the people in our lives who have supported us every step of the way, loved us, and been constant cheerleaders of our work. They have been exceptionally forthcoming in their ideas, resourcefulness, encouragement, and feedback even amidst their demanding work schedules. Their belief in TheMindClan and in our vision means everything to us. They keep us going.

Kaustubh Kumar
Praneeta Ragji
Shardool Kulkarni
Shaunak De
Bryan Klein
Web Developer
Neha Kumar
Kiran Reddy
Shivani Gupta
Ojaswita Khaparde
Yashna Vishwanathan

Looking To Collaborate?

Reach out to us! We’d love to know about your journey in this space. Through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, and as a community. We aren’t here to compete, we are here to collaborate.

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