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Accessing Online Lists of Therapists? Here's What You Need To Keep In Mind

These are trying, difficult and uncertain times due to the sudden and rapidly growing COVID-19 pandemic across the world. What is emerging as a collective human response to the distress is little actions of support, resilience, and hope that we are sharing with each other.

Working From Home? Watch Out For These Flags

For years, we’ve seen various companies, big and small, built on the concept of having remote teams, distributed across locations and sometimes even time zones. Employees have witnessed first-hand the tangible benefits of a remote job, primarily on their physical and emotional health.

Responding to Anxiety

Anxiety is often experienced as a physical reaction in the body. You might notice anxiety in the form of increased heart rate, sweating, needing to pace around a lot, hot flashes or chills, nausea, or shortness of breath.

Prioritizing digital distancing

We’ve been reading a bunch of tips on how to care for ourselves in this outbreak. From practicing social distancing to tips on how to wash our hands, we’re slowly equipping ourselves with the knowledge we need to cope with the outbreak.

A collection of resources for mental health support

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus across the world, we are faced with real possibilities of isolation, contagion, and immense financial, social, and personal uncertainty. In response to these stressors, many of our bodies and minds are experiencing distress in the form of anxiety, panic, sadness, confusion or loneliness.

Tips for Those Seeking Support

Physical distancing is crucial at this point in time to care for our own, our family’s and our community’s health. But this does not have to mean that our mental health goes uncared for.

Tips for Your First Therapy Appointment

The realization that you could benefit from therapy is not an easy one to arrive at. We appreciate your courage in starting a potentially life-changing journey. If this is the first time you’re experiencing therapy, or a new counsellor, you might be having some questions.

Easing Into Your First Therapy Session

In one’s journey to practice mental health care, a counsellor that gets you and supports your journey is one we all hope for. When it comes to beginning that journey in therapy, we know that the process isn’t as easy as we’d like for it to be.

Tying Threads Together

A guest post by Shivranjana Rathore. In this series of blog posts for TheMindClan, I have written about recognising emotional abuse and about the need to understand the meaning of, and fallacies in the perceived meaning of family.