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Easing Into Your First Therapy Session

In one’s journey to practice mental health care, a counsellor that gets you and supports your journey is one we all hope for. When it comes to beginning that journey in therapy, we know that the process isn’t as easy as we’d like for it to be.

Making Our Mental Health Platform More Accessible

When we launched TheMindClan in May of last year, we knew we wanted to empower you with tools for mental health care. As we grew, we became increasingly aware of the sensitivity we need to convey, and inclusivity we need to nurture towards every individual who uses the platform.

The Power of Helpful Responses in Supporting Mental Health and Self-Care

Each of us has experienced rough days and times when our mental health has taken a hit. Moments when getting through the day feel like a struggle and routine tasks seem like a burden weighing down on us.

Why A Platform For Mental Health?

Over the past few years, a pathbreaking period has begun for mental health in India. We saw several people like celebrities, comedians, artists, politicians, and next-door Janes and Joes open up to acknowledge one thing.