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Inclusive Counselling Centers Offering Online Therapy In India

A resource written by The Mind Clan.com
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As a platform that believes closely in inclusivity and mental health, we thought this would be a good time to list a few mental health initiatives across India that work towards the same goal.

We’re only listing those organizations which have come via our peer referral system. Organizations that are known to us via our current network of therapists. We’ve only included those groups that have a team size of 3+. Some of them are legally registered entities, some are volunteer collectives.

  • Guftagu Therapy

    Guftagu Therapy, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra:

    Counselling and psychotherapy services in Vashi, Navi Mumbai as well as online. Mental health products, workshops podcasts. Founded by Sadaf.


    • For online individual sessions our prices are Rs. 1000 + GST and for face to face sessions it is Rs. 1200 + GST.

    • Limited slots available on sliding scale basis.

      View Guftagu Therapy's Website
  • Tangent MH Logo

    Tangent MH, Bengaluru, Online:

    Tangent Mental Health Initiative provides mental health care that is inclusive, queer affirmative, neuro-diverse and based on the social justice framework.


    • ₹1000/- per session, if you wish to choose the non-concessional slots.
    • Or, pay between ₹100-₹1000 if you opt for the ‘pay what you can’ slots.
    View Tangent MH's Website
  • Pause For Perspective Logo

    Pause For Perspective, Hyderabad, Telangana:

    Pause for Perspective is a mental health and wellness organization. They’re run by a group of passionate, committed and specialized Clinical Psychologists and Psychological Counselors with over thirty decades of work experience in the field of psychology, education and mental health.

    Pricing: ₹800-₹2000 (plus GST)

    • The centre’s per hour pricing for therapy (this can be a range)

    Other Services: We have short term (three months):

    1. Free Counseling by supervisee trainee therapists all year long.
    2. Group sessions run by trainee therapists-safe spaces (discussion groups),queer support group, Kashmiri women’s group, mindfulness circle, and daily meditation sessions that are free or low cost at ₹118/-
    View Pause For Perspective's Website
  • Alt Story Logo

    Alt Story, Bengaluru:

    Providing counselling services to individuals and organizations. Ensuring mental health services that are affordable, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed, kink-aware, queer-affirmative and caste aware.


    • Couples Counselling: Rs. 2,050/-
    • Individual Therapy: Rs. 1,535/-
    • Pay What You Want: Learn more here.
    View Alt Story's Therapy Booking Page

This list is in no way exhaustive, but if you’d like for us to make a dedicated (curated) list of low cost therapy centers do let us know!

Counselling centers help you find therapists who are experienced, and includes the possibility of free/low cost therapy as they’re backed by an organization. If you’re looking to see a private therapist instead, our platform curates them here. Our curation tries to ensure everyone we list is inclusive, affirmative and tries to have a sliding scale.

If therapy, or the organizations listed above is inaccessible to you, you could try finding community support via the support groups we list, or the helplines we’ve listed here.

You got this. We got you.


TheMindClan.com does not own, operate or control the counselling centers listed in this post. While we’re trying our best to verify the information provided here, we do not make any recommendations or guarantees regarding the quality of response, service and/or medical advice you might receive from the profiles we’ve listed.

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