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Introducing the Buddy System by The Plane Jar

A guest resource written by The Plane Jar
Introducing the Buddy System by The Plane Jar image
The Plane Jar is a not for profit, non-governmental organisation under section 8 of the Companies Act. Their current campaigns are around mental health, abuse and the LGBT+ community. This story is to talk about The Buddy System, a new mental health campaign by The Plane Jar.

Under our Mental Health Campaign, we provide aid to people in many ways such as counselling, support group and the buddy system.

So, what is the Buddy System?

The Buddy System is an initiative started by The Plane Jar in order to provide emotional support to whoever needs it.

What does the Buddy System actually entail? Who is this “buddy”?

The Buddy System has trained volunteers of The Plane Jar who will essentially be a “buddy” to whoever needs it. This “buddy” has been trained in active listening and pre-counselling which means that they’ll be there to listen to you and provide help to you when you reach out to them! They are trained as social workers ready to help in the capacity of our organisation. You are free to vent and express yourself to them in whatever way you want. We want this to be your safest space. We are willing to help with problems from abuse to even reminding you to take your prescribed medicines, so don’t hesitate before reaching out!

So, how do I reach out to get this “buddy”?

To reach out to us you can email us at: [email protected] or you can DM us on Instagram and Facebook. Our handles on both are: theplanejar. One of our trained volunteers will be your “buddy” from them on.

How will I be able to talk to this “buddy”?

Your “buddy” just wants you to feel safe and comfortable when you reach out to us. You are allowed to use any platform of communication you want, right from social media apps to any mode of communication - be it a call, texting or even meeting face to face if geographically possible! You never have to reveal your identity if you don’t feel like it, and we will be there to listen.

How long can I be a part of this programme?

Once you have contacted your “buddy,” they’ll be there with you till however long you want. We will be an emotional and mental support for as long as you need it!

How extensive will the help that the “buddy” provides?

The Buddy System’s main goal is your well being! We want to help you mentally or even legally. If your situation requires any help with the law, we are there. If you just want to talk to us, we are there. We will always try to make you comfortable and go about everything in the safest way possible. We have trained our volunteers not just in mental health help but also case work, and aspects of social work as well.

Is there a charge for this programme?

No! It’s free of cost! Please, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Are there any examples of cases or testimonials you can tell me about?

Yes! The Plane Jar has had a variety of people coming to us. Some just wanted mental and emotional support, so we provided that by talking to them, meeting them, being there for them.
We have also had cases of abuse and violence, where we try to either make their home safe, or provide a safe home to the people, emotional support and legal help as well. We have done home visits in abusive homes as well.
One thing we can say for sure is we will be there for you till as long as you need us.
Some of the kind things people have said to us are:

“Thank you, you’ve no clue how much this means to me”

“I really mean it.. U didn’t just come as a social worker.. Ur my friend.. Like my baby sister and I’m forever grateful. I’ve wanted to do this 10 years. U were so brave. I really mean it..”

“First off, thank you so much. Having you around felt so so so good.”

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