Free Expression

Wither Away Slowly

A guest post by Pooja Krishnakumar. Trigger Warning: Mentions of self-harm & death.

A Bright Red Sticky Note

A guest post by Kiran Balani. Trigger Warning: Mentions of depression.

Fresh Start

A guest post . Trigger Warning: Mentions of battling an anxiety disorder.


A guest post by Muskan Singh. Every failure I’ve ever faced has taught me fall down and bounce back as more stronger, bolder and tougher than ever. Every place I’ve ever visited has brought me closer to my own home.

The World is Big Enough for All of Us: Social Media and Mental Health

A guest post by Trishala Hansdah. Social media dominates our lives more than we think it does. There aren’t many of us who can go about our day doing anything productive or fancy without thinking about sharing it on social media first.

Real Life

A guest post by Joshua Ambrose. Begun with a bang, Still dreaming about a mustang, Not yet woke, Oh this poor bloke. Progress was slow, She lost him at hello, Limited were his chances, How boring this dance is.

Experiencing Alternate Venues For Therapy Sessions

Picture of the lake ! 🙂 My last session for 2018 was by this lake at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. She and I spent two hours under a magnificent tree, occasionally squinting with the sun in our eyes, but also thankful for its warmth that muted the chilly breeze just enough to create that rare, perfect weather day.