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Real life

A guest resource written by Joshua Ambrose
I’ve written this poem when I was abroad and I was surrounded by people who were really struggling in life. One was getting divorced, one lost his job and was suicidal and the other just got his dream promotion but was about to get his visa rejected. A few others were also in mind when I wrote this poem but these three were main. Thankfully we’re all alive and going strong. The poem talks about the highs and lows in life and how once we get out in the real world, life take us for a spin, some moments to savour and some to forget.

Begun with a bang,
Still dreaming about a mustang,
Not yet woke,
Oh this poor bloke.

Progress was slow,
She lost him at hello,
Limited were his chances,
How boring this dance is.

Heavy eyes,
Articulated lies,
Brutally honest,
Almost a goddess.

Man’s gotta move on,
Not a sprint, but a marathon,
Weakness was rife,
Is this real life?

It’s almost half,
Not many changes on that graph,
Efforts are made,
Life just threw some shade.

Pushing, pulling through,
Still back in the queue,
Climbed the way back up,
Feeling like a grown-up.

Hit a roadblock,
Still ahead during his sleep walk,
No sign of slowing down,
It’s​ time for a showdown.

Too crowded for emotion,
No land, stuck in this ocean,
From that high to this low-life,
Is this really real life?

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