Guest Posts


A guest post by Chetana Iyer. Over the past year, I was working with women situationed in a fragile, perilous situation, one that people without privilege so often find themselves in. This was in a therapeutic context, & the first thing to hit me when I went in there, was that their ‘needs’ could not be more removed from the so-called domain of mental health.

A Collection of Pieces

A guest post by Chetana Iyer. O K A Y B R E A T H E T H I S L E T G O H O P E W H I R L O K A Y There’s no answer to whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to be merely okay.

Wither Away Slowly

A guest post by Pooja Krishnakumar. Trigger Warning: Mentions of self-harm & death.

A Bright Red Sticky Note

A guest post by Kiran Balani. Trigger Warning: Mentions of depression.

Fresh Start

A guest post . Trigger Warning: Mentions of battling an anxiety disorder.


A guest post by Muskan Singh. Every failure I’ve ever faced has taught me fall down and bounce back as more stronger, bolder and tougher than ever. Every place I’ve ever visited has brought me closer to my own home.

The World is Big Enough for All of Us: Social Media and Mental Health

A guest post by Trishala Hansdah. Social media dominates our lives more than we think it does. There aren’t many of us who can go about our day doing anything productive or fancy without thinking about sharing it on social media first.

An ode to my past self

A guest post by Varsha Bhat. I’m sorry For not being creative enough Expressive enough Loud enough Enough Just enough Was I enough? But I know it didn’t matter Doesn’t matter I will stay And I will leave

Am I invisible?

A guest post by Varsha Bhat. You know, there was this girl once. I used to like her a lot, not in a romantic way, but I did have a deep love for her, and I like to think that she liked me too.