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Why You Should Consider Joining a Support Group.

A resource written by The Mind Clan.com

There are multiple ways to take care of our mental health outside of therapy. Joining a support group can be one such way that’s known to be immensely helpful. 🌼

  • To find support from a community.

    It helps to know that you are not alone or isolated in your experience.

  • To learn from the experience of peers.

    Exchanging coping skills and helpful responses with others with similar/relatable stories and lived experiences.

  • You feel intimidated to start therapy.

    If professional support is inaccessible to you right now, support groups can help you feel supported till you are able to find a therapist.

  • Be there for others.

    Learn to be a witness and confidante for others who may have similar stories or backgrounds.

  • Find contacts of trusted professionals.

    The group and other participants can give you information about trusted therapists, lawyers, doctors etc. if needed.

  • Healing between sessions.

    If you’re looking for community support between therapy sessions, support groups are extremely helpful.

  • Recognize how others define “growth”.

    See how growth and coping looks different to everyone, and learn to recognize your personal form of healing. There’s no rush.

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