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Google Sheet Of Inclusive Mental Health Support Providers In India, now on a Google Sheet!
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When we launched 6 years ago, we knew that the mental health sector in India is vast, and is often inaccessible to anyone who is just starting their mental health journey.

The way you choose a doctor for your physical health, wouldn’t be the same way you choose a therapist or support group for your mental health. In finding a therapist, you’re looking to understand the person behind the professional, their identity, background, story, and other information which you just don’t necessarily account for when you’re looking for a doctor.

This motivated us to work towards not just making the vast range of mental health support providers accessible to you, but also work on making the entire process of seeking help less intimidating.

From providing you a wide range of personal ice breakers with each therapist and support group on our platform, to creating free Therapy Worksheets, we’ve always worked towards supporting you no matter where you were in your mental health journey.

Introducing our Google Sheet!

To keep up with this promise, we’re excited to announce that you can now browse’s curated list of inclusive mental health counsellors and support groups via a Google Sheet.

You can either browse the embeded list below, or via this link:

View Our Google Sheet

What is our Google Sheet about?

Our Google sheet is a curated list of inclusive mental health support providers in India. The list would have the details of all the profiles we’ve curated and listed on our Therapist and Support Group pages. Being powered by, means their details would always be up to date.

What are the features of the sheet?

The sheet is an always up-to date mirror of everything we curate for on

Verified profiles, after one-on-one conversations.

Always up to date. We remain in touch with the profiles listed, and update their details frequently.

⭐ You can view when the sheet was last updated.

⭐ View profile pictures of the profiles listed, to help make the process of finding support less intimidating on a Google Sheet.

⭐ Get access to additional resources from

⭐ Get access to not just counsellors around India, but support groups as well.

⭐ Easily find out their current availability and sliding scales.

⭐ Learn about their backgrounds, hopes and journey.

Ready to reach out? We send you an intro email between you and the profile you chose, so that you don’t have to feel intimidated to reach out to them

How to use this sheet?

It’s Simple!

  • 1️⃣ Open up the sheet
  • 2️⃣ View the list of therapists/support groups
  • 3️⃣ Find a profile you like, and hit the link in the “Reach Out” column.
  • 4️⃣ Get the profile’s contact details emailed to you, and reach out to them directly!

Does the Google Sheet replace

Not at all! We’ve grown to recognize that some users love viewing our curated list of support spaces on our platform, and some would prefer the option to browse the profiles on a Google Sheet.

The Google Sheet is just an extension of our current platform, not a replacement. It’s meant to allow you an option to browse our entire list via either the sheet, or the current platform (

We’re still going to grow our list, and add more supportive resources for you, and they’d be available to you on both mediums.

Why is the list curated, and not crowd sourced?

Crowd sourcing is a beautiful way of inviting perspectives of folks with lived experience of mental health, to let us know which support group, helpline, or professional has supported them.

There are a few downsides to crowdsourcing a list:

  • It may allow professionals and groups refer themselves to the list, posing as a client of the service. This one of the biggest downsides to crowd sourced lists, known by people within the mental health network.
  • As a user, you won’t have access to the personal stories and journeys of the professionals and groups you want to recommend, which may not help others resonate with them like you did. You may not know the breadth of services and credentials they may have.
  • It doesn’t allow the professionals and groups you have recommended, any way to verify and update their details as they grow.

This is why,’s list is partly crowd sourced.

  • You let us know the support groups that have helped you, and we have our team reach out to them to get to know them better, and curate them.
  • Professionals on the platform are curated based on the same process, except from peer professionals already existing on the platform. We hope to soon invite you to recommend professionals as well.

What do you curate for?

At, we work to curate therapists and support groups for the following values:

Sensitive, non judgmental, affirmative practice

• Open to building awareness, learning and unlearning

• Openness to questioning normative methods in mental health care

• Disrupting power imbalances in mental health spaces

Transparency about their approach towards people and mental health care

• Centering people and their lived experience expertise - a rights based approach

• Willingness to receive and incorporate feedback from users of their service

• Prioritizing accessibility of their services

How do you go about curation?

Questionnaire that seeks professional details along with details about the therapist/support group’s values, stance, approach and hopes towards mental health care

• Relying on recommendations from peer therapists, intersectional mental health advocates, and users of therapy and support groups

One-on-one interactions from team with the listed therapists and support group facilitators to know more about stories of their work

• Requesting images of their degrees and additional credentials (for therapists)

• Open loop for feedback from users on our platform who reach out to any of our listed resources

How is the list available for free?

The profiles we curate are available to you free of charge. does not charge you, nor the people you reach out to, any fee for accessing our platform. Everything we do, is to help reach anyone in need of support.

To offer our platform free of charge to you, we connect with organizations around India in helping them support their employees’ mental health. We’ve worked with organizations like DHL, Verizon Media, YouTube, and many more, to help us continue doing the work we do.

Growing our platform has taught us how to make tough conversations around diversity, inclusion and mental health, more accessible to every organization we work with. If you would like to have conversations on mental health, well-being and culture in your organization, reach out to us here.

We also organize mental health events for you, our users, and are working to create more resources that helps support our work and our platform.

These endeavors are what help us sustain the costs of website, maintenance, curation, and others.

As we grow, you will be seeing more resources from, to support your mental health, regardless of where you are at in your journey.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. We want you to know that inclusive support spaces that validate your journey do exist, and we’d never stop working to make their work accessible to you.

View The Sheet!

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