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Am I invisible?

A guest resource written by Varsha Bhat
This is for the time when you feel invisible and worthless, like you could never be as good as you want to because its just so hard, because you’re having a bad day or even if you aren’t you just don’t feel upto it – when you could do anything to feel better but deep inside the sadness grows

And even if I look like a passerby I’m here to stay

The sound of my voice may seem unfamiliar

But my words have run along these roads everyday

Skipping across like the veins on the back of my hand

My gaze may look like blank pages of a plain old book

But I’ve learnt to deflect my moods just like the sky

So you don’t have to deal with all the humidity

Because I’m either too sunny or just rainy

I could never be the moon

Not when I have so many shades no one can see

Its just too hard to be a book no one can read

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