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Accessing Free Therapy? Here are some things to consider.

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Things to consider if you’re accessing free online (or offline) therapy from a therapist.

The covid-19 pandemic has made many of us recognize how important it is to care for our mental health. While platforms like ours work to solve the challenge of accessibility of support providers, affordability of their services is a subjective problem. The therapist you may find affordable, may not be the one your loved ones find affordable.

That’s why it has been wonderful to witness so many professionals and organizations offer various kinds of support during these tough times, one of which has been the option to access free therapy.

What should you keep in mind when accessing free therapy?

Something you’d hear us keep saying, is how therapy is a deeply personal journey. When you look for a therapist, you’re not just looking for someone you feel safe to explore your experience around, but also someone you vibe with on a personal level. No matter the price of services, this is what forms the foundation of your therapeautic relationship.

If you’re looking to access free therapy, this here are some prompts to consider and keep in mind before you begin. Bring up with the therapist/organization and make an informed choice in finding support support.

  1. How is the therapist/organization able to offer free sessions?
  2. What is the criteria of receiving free therapy?
  3. How different are their free slots from their paid slots?
  4. How many sessions are included for free? What would the price per session be then?
  5. Can I afford the hourly fee of this therapist, if they decide to charge me in the future for our sessions?
  6. What is the experience of the therapist? Their values and approach? Do I resonate with them?
  7. Am I allowed to share feedback about my session with the therapist if it’s a free session?

Treat these above points as thought starters.

If you don’t like how therapy is going, here are some options:

  1. Sometimes, we enter the therapy room with our own biases about mental health. Speak to your therapist, let them know what your concerns are.
  2. If things don’t work out, it’s alright! Don’t lose hope.
  3. If you need to consult a different therapist, find one that you resonate with and fits your budget. (we curate them on our platform!)
  4. If you need to feel supported in the interim, reach out to a support group, community, or helpline. (we curate them as well!)

Mental health care through therapy can be an ongoing commitment and journey, not only a one-time free session. Hence, your comfort and resonance with the therapist and your affordability in therapy matter in the long term too. 💜

Therapy takes time.

Your therapist and you are on the same team. It may not feel this way right now, but things would get better. Hold on. You Got This.

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