The supermassive depression hole | A Guest Story on TheMindClan

The supermassive depression hole

A guest post written by Varsha Bhat
This piece is for the days when you feel small and alone and depression never leaves your side but everyone around says “It’ll be okay.” But you just want someone to understand how you feel without force feeding you their seemingly fake positivity (even though it may not be fake – they just don’t get it)
Trigger Warning:
Mentions of self-harm and depression.

Maybe I’ll just disappear

Over the years, months and moments

Over bridges & passages and underneath them

With excuses of adapting and falling into the flow of change

For the reward of flexible limbs, thoughts and heart

The steps became smaller, shorter, sharper

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Shrinking into precise actions, invisible conversations and unnoticed actions

I found the inside of a shell that wasn’t just empty

It was the window to a black hole

And I’m climbing in,sinking in

And slowly but surely, I’ll just disappear

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