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  • Date Saturday, May 18 - Jun 15, 2024 (4 Sessions)
  • Time @ 4:00pm - 5:15pm
  • Event Medium Online
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In this support group, we acknowledge the profound connections we share with our pets, comparable to the bonds we hold with one another. As we navigate the pain of loss, we find solace in collective comprehension, cherishing the special relationships with our animal companions, and embarking on a healing journey together.

Group Type: Support Group

Goals of the Group

Our group offers a secure and empathetic environment for those of us grieving the loss of our pets. This particular sorrow can be especially difficult as it’s often misconstrued by others, a form of grief known as disenfranchised grief, leaving us to feel isolated and alone. Discovering a supportive community that understands and validates our experience can be vital in the grieving process.

This is a space where individuals can pose questions, seek counsel, and develop strategies to heal together through significant activities. We acknowledge that grief manifests differently for each person and aim to provide space for one another’s unique experiences and emotions.

Who is the group for?

This group is tailored for adults aged 18 and above who are grieving the loss of their pet. It also welcomes individuals who are anticipating the loss or are coping with a missing pet.

Session Overview

Session 1

  • Sharing stories and memories of pets, within a secure, confidential space.
  • Understanding what grief looks like for each one of us.
  • Delving into the intense emotions of anger, guilt, and pain that overwhelm us at times.

Session 2

  • Exploring emotional and physical responses to grief in depth.
  • Reflective tasks and activities.

Session 3

  • Sharing advice, tips, and coping strategies.
  • Engaging in symbolic activities for remembrance.

Session 4

  • Uncovering ways to cherish the memories of our pets as we navigate life without them.
  • Exploring rituals and closure activities.

Please note that the session topics, order, and other details may be subject to alteration based on the needs and preferences of the group members and facilitators.

  • Date: Saturday, May 18 - Jun 15, 2024
  • Time: @ 4:00pm - 5:15pm
  • Number Of Sessions: 4
  • ETA:
  • Event Medium: Online
  • Organized By: Organized By The Community
  • Address: Zoom/Google Meet
  •   Fee:   ₹ 2,000 - 3,200  
  • Notes from the organizer: Early bird fee - INR 2000 for India-based participants | INR 3200 for participants outside India
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