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Living with Parkinson's

  • Date Saturday, May 25 - Jul 6, 2024 (6 Sessions)
  • Time @ 10:30am - 11:45am
  • Event Medium Online
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Peer Support Group for Movement Disorders

A support group for individuals diagnosed with any type of movement disorder (such as Parkinson’s, dystonia, tremor, Huntington’s disease, chorea, and others).

Group Type: Support Group

Group Goals:

  1. Understanding and exploring feelings related to your condition.
  2. Connecting with others who share a similar diagnosis, discussing challenges and potential solutions.
  3. Building confidence and self-acceptance to help achieve life goals.

Who is it for?

  1. Adults who have been living with or have recently been diagnosed with a movement disorder.
  2. Individuals seeking emotional support for navigating life with a movement disorder.

Session Topics:

Session 1: The Challenges of Daily Life

  1. Navigating physical challenges and bodily limitations.
  2. Coping strategies for seeking help and support.
  3. Redefining interdependence.

Session 2: Navigating Work

  1. Understanding your personal definition of work.
  2. Exploring potential roles, including entrepreneurship.
  3. Requesting accommodations in the workplace.

Session 3: Navigating Family & Relationships | Session 4: Navigating the Silence & Stigma

  1. Discussing support from family and friends, or lack thereof.
  2. Renegotiating roles within family and friendships.
  3. Navigating romantic relationships and marriages.
  4. Exploring the silence and stigma surrounding movement disorders.
  5. Discussing the impact of stigma and silence on your life.
  6. Becoming an advocate for movement disorders.

Session 5: Navigating Emotions | Session 6: Rebuilding Self

  1. Creating a safe space for difficult emotions associated with the disorder.
  2. Addressing difficult emotions such as guilt and anger.
  3. Learning relaxation and emotional release techniques.
  4. Exploring other identities and roles beyond the disorder.
  5. Understanding the meaning of these roles and identities.
  6. Planning for future roles and identities.

Please note: Session topics, order, and other details may be subject to change based on the needs and preferences of group members and facilitators.

  • Date: Saturday, May 25 - Jul 6, 2024
  • Time: @ 10:30am - 11:45am
  • Number Of Sessions: 6
  • ETA:
  • Event Medium: Online
  • Organized By: Organized By The Community
  • Address: Zoom/Google Meet
  •   Fee:   ₹ 3,500 - 5,500  
  • Notes from the organizer: Program Fee - INR 3500 for India-based participants | INR 5500 for participants outside India
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