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Simran Kewlani (She/Her)

Simran (She/Her) is a mental health therapist from Mumbai who practices online.

Simran is 25 years old, with at least 2 years of experience.

Therapy Services:   Individual Therapy (For Everyone) Couples Counselling Also Works With Neurodivergent Folks Also Works With Disabled Folks Also Works With Queer Folks 🏳️‍🌈

Replies in 24 working hours (1 day).Direct Booking Form Available.

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  • Practicing Since: 2 years
  • Appointments Via: Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp
  • Medium:
    • 🌐 Online
  • City: Mumbai
  • Qualifications:
    • MA in Clinical Psychology, Amity University, Madhya Pradesh (2022)
  • Languages Known: English, and Hindi (English might be their primary language for therapy)
  • Hourly Fee (₹): 2,000
  • Payments Via: Bank Transfer, PayTM & Online Wallets, UPI/Google Pay
  • Available On: Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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  • Why did you choose to become a counsellor?
    My desire to be a psychotherapist came from my own history with physical and mental health issues. I want to provide support and a space where explorations and difficult conversations can happen safely and without judgement.
  • What excites you about your work as a counsellor?
    Watching patients grow and notice themselves being more aware and have more control over their life and defenses gives me immense joy. Being witness to them getting comfortable with themes and conflicts but also the very effort it takes to show up everyday and to each session.
  • What do you hope for your clients to experience after their first session with you?
    I hope that they can believe this space to be theirs and one that can be safe for them to express themselves. Therapy involves a lot of uncomfortable conversations, but before any of that, I hope they believe that this relationship would give them what they need.
  • What would you wish to tell a client who is thinking about seeking counselling?
    The way I perceive therapy and practice it is to provide a space that does not aim to simply seek solutions. I would encourage patients to think about therapy like an investment for them, it is a continuous process that ebbs and flows just as they do through their own life.
  • Describe the relationship that you would wish to build with your client in counselling.
    I try to build a collaborative relationship with them, therapists inherently have a lot of power and I try to give that power back to them to have a more balanced dynamic. I think about it like an exploration that is grounded in our relationship, which is the foundation of our work together.
  • In your counselling work so far, what has been your greatest learning from your clients?
    So much of therapy is created for a very niche population, working with my patients has taught me that therapy looks different for everyone and often, it looks very different from what we were trained to do.
  • What are some of your strengths as a counsellor that you value and appreciate?
    I think the most important one for me is my openness to my own vulnerability and humanness. Therapists often get perceived as somewhat of a superhuman but I try to show my humanness in my hope to even the power dynamics. Another would be adaptability, different patients have different needs; I try to work with their specific needs and personality and show up with them.
  • What are some of the things you like to do in your free time?
    I like spending my free time reading, with a good mix of fiction like contemporary and thrillers and non fiction. I also like playing board and card games with my loved ones. I enjoy listening to podcasts and watching movies (crime is a favourite) and a writer and poet.
  • What are the areas of concern you address in counselling? Do you work with specific populations?
    I work with people who are neurodivergent, queer individuals and at large those who have intersectional identities. I find areas of concerns to be an oversimplification of the human experience but I think some of them are history of abuse, family conflicts, exploration of their identity (sexual, gender, neurodivergence, etc.)
  • What is the therapeutic approach you use? How would you describe it to someone who wants to consult you for therapy?
    My understanding of human life and experience is influenced by various schools of thought, it is however heavily influenced by Psychodynamic and Psychoanalysis practices. Its focus is on gaining insight into the individual’s mind and focuses to begin the healing process. In sessions, my aim is to support patients to identify sources of internal or external concerns in their lives. We try to find patterns between the past and the present to make sense of the conflicts. My practice also involves usage of postmodern approaches, feminist, and systemic lens to fully map out and understand each individual’s unique experiences and needs. This helps to take into account your individual experience and the role society, the world, etc. plays on how you are treated and what impact it may have. The aim of my work with patients is to encourage independence and a healthy relationship with our defense mechanisms that will stay with them for a long time. With regular supervision and training, I am learning to make my practice trauma informed, queer and neuro-affirmative.
  • How do you make your therapeutic practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx?
    By taking a more feminist and systemic lens, it allows me to not only look at the self and their struggles but also the role society plays in how they feel. For queer and trans folx, the aim is to understand and give them the space to explore and own their identity, work with that instead of what the norm may be. I believe that the way I have learned to work most with queer and trans folx is by working with them and learning what they need as we go.
  • The Quote Simran Resonates With

    An empty day, though clear and bright, is just as dark as any night.

    Anne Frank, The Diary of A Young Girl.

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