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Rashi Goyal (She/Her)

Rashi (She/Her) is a mental health therapist from Mumbai who practices online.

Rashi is 30 years old, with at least 7 years of experience.

Therapy Services:   Individual Therapy (For Everyone) Couples Counselling Family Counselling Also Works With Queer Folks 🏳️‍🌈

Replies in 24 working hours (1 day).Accepts Enquiries via Email.

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  • Practicing Since: 7 years
  • Appointments Via: Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp
  • Medium:
    • 🌐 Online
  • City: Mumbai
  • Qualifications:
    • MA Psychology and Pg Dipolma in Advance Counselling Skills
  • Additional Qualifications:
    • Family and Couples Counsellor
  • Languages Known: English, and Hindi (English might be their primary language for therapy)
  • Hourly Fee (₹): 1,500 - 2,000
  • Payments Via: Bank Transfer, UPI/Google Pay, Cash
  • Available On: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Notes: Fee for students is 1500/- per session. Fee for working professionals is 2000/- per session. I charge half fee for the first session, for the clients to gauge if I am the best fit therapist for them.
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  • Why did you choose to become a counsellor?
    I love to support people, be there and offer my time and energy. It was my psychology teacher in Junior college because of whom I fell in love with the subject and later in my degree college I had another teachers because of whom I further developed an interest in the subject which made me choose to become a counsellor. For me, being there and caring for people is emotionally rewarding and soul satisfying which is another reason why I wanted to become a counsellor. One more reason I became a counsellor is that I like to understand how the human brain and emotions work, this curiosity made me choose this profession.
  • What excites you about your work as a counsellor?
    The fact that therapy is like a 2 way learning street, where as a therapist I get to learn sometimes from my clients seems exciting to me. I wake up with the thought that I will get to hold a non judgmental and safe space for people is also something that excites me. I get to be a secret keeper of many people is one more exciting part of being a counsellor.
  • What do you hope for your clients to experience after their first session with you?
    A safe and non judgmental safe, where they can open and express themselves freely I hope people to experience. Therapy is a slow and gradual process, it might take some time but eventually together we will work together and reach a place where you will start feeling better.
  • What would you wish to tell a client who is thinking about seeking counselling?

    Therapy is a space where you can be yourself, there is no room for judgment. In therapy there are no right or wrong answers, whatever you feel at that moment is what we go ahead with. Therapy is a slow and gradual process, it might take some time but eventually together we will work together and reach a place where you will start feeling better. I also give at utmost importance to your comfort, so if we only go ahead with what matters and comforts you the most.

    In the first session with me, I offer half fee payment for the client to gage if I am the fit therapist for them or not.

  • Describe the relationship that you would wish to build with your client in counselling.
    I have a client centered approach, where the feelings of the client are my first priority. I believe in active listening and offering a window to vent, thereby creating a conducive setting for clients to find support for their concerns.
  • In your counselling work so far, what has been your greatest learning from your clients?
    Sometimes just being there, lending a listening ear and silence can be golden and do wonders in therapy.
  • What are some of your strengths as a counsellor that you value and appreciate?
    I lend an empathetic ear to my clients and the passion that I show in my work are my strengths as a counsellor I value the most. I am fully dedicated towards making people feel better is one thing I appreciate about myself.
  • What are some of the things you like to do in your free time?
    During my free time I love to cook new cuisines, listen to music and sometimes go on hikes and treks. Apart from doing these activities I enjoy taking naps.
  • What are the areas of concern you address in counselling? Do you work with specific populations?
    I work with people above 18+ of age. A few areas of concerns I deal with are relationship counselling, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication concerns, anxiety, depression, work-life balance concerns, couples and family counselling.
  • What is the therapeutic approach you use? How would you describe it to someone who wants to consult you for therapy?
    I use an eclectic approach, which is a mix of different types of theories. I believe that therapy is not a one size fits all but it is a tailor made approach. I use psychological modalities based on person and the kind of concerns people have. To name a few I use Gestalt therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client centered approach and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
  • How do you make your therapeutic practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx?
    I am an ally and I support the LGBTQIA++ community, before talking to people I ensure to ask their preferred pronouns and I keep myself updated with events and knowledge about the LGBTQIA++ community is how I make my therapeutic practice a safe space.
  • The Quote Rashi Resonates With

    "It takes a lot of courage to not judge your own self".

    - A statement I once said in my therapy session.

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