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Pallari Gajaria (She/They)

Pallari (She/They) is a mental health therapist from Mumbai who practices online and offline. They’re based out of Ghatkopar - East.

Pallari is 25 years old, with at least 2 years of experience.

Therapy Services:   Individual Therapy (For Everyone) Also Works With Queer Folks 🏳️‍🌈

Replies in 48 working hours (2 days).Accepts Enquiries via Email.

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  • Practicing Since: 2 years
  • Appointments Via: Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp
  • Medium:
    • 🌐 Online
    • 📌 Offline
  • City: Mumbai
  • Area: Ghatkopar - East
  • Qualifications:
    • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology (Clinical Specialization)
  • Languages Known: Kutchi, Hindi, and Gujarati
  • Hourly Fee (₹): 1,000 - 1,500
  • Payments Via: Bank Transfer, UPI/Google Pay, Cash
  • Available On: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Notes: 1000-1500 INR for online sessions 2000-2500 INR for in-person sessions. 3500-4000 INR for NRIs Sliding scale will be available for people from the LGBT+ community, disabled folx, and other marginalised communities.
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  • Why did you choose to become a counsellor?
    I once came across the word “psychology” in my English class. My teacher challenged me to give it’s correct spelling. I failed but that left me with some curiosity to understand what this word meant and why was it spelt this way. After that class, I reached back home to research about the word on the internet. The nerd in me was satisfied but still very curious. I would consider my journey to be a keen mental health learner from that moment. Moreover, experiences growing up made me realise the need for appropriate and ethical mental health support which gave me a drive to be where I am at today.
  • What excites you about your work as a counsellor?
    Humans, our brains, our tendency to learn, unlearn, understand, misunderstand, live and fear living. I feel like I see life in real contradictions as a counsellor sometimes. This is because- me and my fellow therapists provide therapeutic services in the same world that hasn’t provided people (us) with enough pleasant experiences. It’s exciting to be at the end of kindness, love, empathy, acceptance and care of the experiences. As a human and a therapist, I choose to be at the part of the more desirable world which excites me.
  • What do you hope for your clients to experience after their first session with you?
    After their first session, I hope my clients experience acceptance of them, their life story and understanding for what they’re experiencing.
  • What would you wish to tell a client who is thinking about seeking counselling?
    Therapy is a space to share, explore, learn and change in a safe way. It’s a place that caters to each client at their pace. It’s a collaborative space wherein the therapist and client work together, however, it’s unfair on self to expect immediate solutions for life and concerns from the therapist. It’s a long term process that requires consistency and patience.
  • Describe the relationship that you would wish to build with your client in counselling.
    In the initial stage of therapy, we work on setting some short term and long term goals. The goals decided are extracted from the reasons of approaching for therapy, and more explored areas of distress. The clients decide the priority of each goal and they are set on the rooster collaboratively. Every now and then, I like to remind the clients their rights in the therapy space which helps both of us be aware of where we are at from time to time. This means that we do not work in hierarchies in the therapy space.
  • In your counselling work so far, what has been your greatest learning from your clients?
    We carry our own narrative and it’s built up on everyday with each experience- pleasant or unpleasant.
  • What are some of your strengths as a counsellor that you value and appreciate?
    One strength of mine is that I operate from a space of being aware of my privileges in the society. This helps me provide a compassionate environment considering the social, economic, political and personal stances of people from backgrounds different than mine.
  • What are some of the things you like to do in your free time?
    I usually find myself playing with my dog, cooking, trying new activities or going back to older hobbies in my free time.
  • What are the areas of concern you address in counselling? Do you work with specific populations?
    I work with the queer community, disabled and neurodivergent folks alongside other populations. I address concerns and work on exploration of areas that are systematically engrained and forced on us at times. The discomfort that comes with being in a system that creates an environment of dismissal because of not meeting the heteronormative, neurotypical, ableist, privileged laws is something that I address in the therapy space.
  • What is the therapeutic approach you use? How would you describe it to someone who wants to consult you for therapy?
    My therapeutic approach comes from an informed space which considers the clients socio-economic status, their families, childhood and various other areas that affect ones wellbeing. My work leans towards exploring emotions, circumstances, self and identity with the help of stories, art and craft. I also use EFT and somatic techniques to work on emotions and feelings.
  • How do you make your therapeutic practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx?
    I engage in conversations with fellow therapists, people from the community at different events and times possible. This helps me be in touch with my queerness and others’ as well. I work on my preconceived notions and stigmas intensively and bring them up in safe learning spaces, research about them and reframe them with the help of conversations, reading, researching and exploring.
  • The Quote Pallari Resonates With

    It is of no interest at all to me, What you have or who you know. Can you tell me just where you have been? And what you've learned from it all. Tell me what you dance for, How you've been a fool? I don't want the headlines, I just want the truth. It would be so good to see the real you again. It's been a long time, my friend. If this is the last song of your life, Then I'm inviting you to get it right.

    The Last Song Of Your Life by P!nk

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