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Harshita Sarda (She/Her)

Harshita (She/Her) is a mental health therapist from Mumbai who practices online.

Harshita is 27 years old, with at least 3 years of experience.

Therapy Services:   Individual Therapy (For Everyone) Also Works With Queer Folks 🏳️‍🌈

Replies in 24 working hours (1 day).Accepts Enquiries via Email.

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  • Practicing Since: 3 years
  • Appointments Via: Email, WhatsApp
  • Medium:
    • 🌐 Online
  • City: Mumbai
  • Qualifications:
    • MA in Clinical Psychology, University Of Mumbai
  • Additional Qualifications:
    • Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice, MHI
    • Completed 60 Hours of Gestalt Therapy Course, Psychphoenix
    • Post Graduate Diploma, in Counselling Psychology, Xaviers Institute
  • Languages Known: English, and Hindi (English might be their primary language for therapy)
  • Hourly Fee (₹): 1,500 - 2,000
  • Payments Via: Bank Transfer, UPI/Google Pay
  • Available On: Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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  • Why did you choose to become a counsellor?
    My fascination with understanding people’s stories and building connections led me to explore psychology and delve into the depths of self-discovery and interpersonal relationships. This curiosity paved my path to becoming a therapist.
  • What excites you about your work as a counsellor?
    Being a therapist, I find genuine excitement in offering a safe and candid environment for clients to open up, delve into, and address their challenges. Witnessing those ‘aha’ moments of insight, along with facilitating exploration, change, and growth during therapy, are the incredibly gratifying aspects of my role.
  • What do you hope for your clients to experience after their first session with you?
    After our first session, I hope you find a safe compassionate space where your story, thoughts and emotions find understanding. We’ll collaborate on personalized self-work to guide your therapy journey, fostering reflection and growth. At the end of our session I wish for you to experience a sense of hope that lingers with you.
  • What would you wish to tell a client who is thinking about seeking counselling?
    Embarking on this journey might bring up various emotions, and that’s okay. Therapy offers a safe space where you’re heard, supported, and empowered. When you’re ready, we’ll walk this path together at your pace. Sharing your thoughts openly with your therapist will help them guide you even better. You’re not alone in this.
  • Describe the relationship that you would wish to build with your client in counselling.
    I aim to create a trusting, nurturing connection in our therapy journey. Together, we’ll build a safe and respectful space where your growth and independence are supported. It’s about ensuring you feel understood and empowered as we collaboratively navigate challenges as a team.
  • In your counselling work so far, what has been your greatest learning from your clients?
    My experience in counseling work has deeply touched me as I’ve witnessed the remarkable resilience of clients, finding hope even in the smallest moments of transformation. Their capacity to nurture support during challenging periods is truly inspiring. Moreover, I’ve come to understand that empathy manifests in various ways, and I’ve learned that patience is a profound virtue that develops over time.
  • What are some of your strengths as a counsellor that you value and appreciate?
    I value my strengths that I bring to my counselling practice which includes deep empathy that fosters connection, patience that allows for genuine growth, clinical judgement for effective understanding of the internal and external environments. I also appreciate my ability to comprehend the complex intersections of individual experiences.
  • What are some of the things you like to do in your free time?
    During my free time, I often color and sing to music to express myself. Exploring the outdoors through leisurely walks lets me reconnect with nature and offers a peaceful pause from the bustling pace of life. And of course, the bonds I share with my loved ones are invaluable, so I dedicate quality time to be with my family and friends.
  • What are the areas of concern you address in counselling? Do you work with specific populations?
    I assist individuals aged 18 and above, addressing range of emotional challenges including anxiety, depression, struggles with self-worth, building confidence, trauma, navigating relationship issues, queer concerns, finding harmony between work and personal life, coping with complexities of life changes
  • What is the therapeutic approach you use? How would you describe it to someone who wants to consult you for therapy?
    The therapeutic approach I employ is integrative, person-centered and eclectic. This means that I draw from various therapeutic approaches and techniques to tailor them to your specific needs and goals. In our sessions, the focus will be on your unique experiences. I believe in creating a safe and non-judgmental space where you can openly explore your thoughts and feelings. Together, we’ll collaborate to find effective strategies and insights that can lead to positive changes and personal growth.
  • How do you make your therapeutic practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx?
    I’m dedicated to making my practice a secure and supportive space for queer and trans* individuals. I use affirming language, understand your unique experiences, and keep educating myself. Your identity and needs guide our sessions, ensuring a judgment-free zone where you can freely express yourself and find validation.
  • The Quote Harshita Resonates With

    The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change

    Carl Rogers

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