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Aadya Ahuja (She/Her)

Aadya (She/Her) is a mental health therapist from Delhi who practices online.

Aadya is 27 years old, with at least 5 years of experience.

Therapy Services:   Individual Therapy (For Everyone) Also Works With Queer Folks 🏳️‍🌈

Replies in 24 working hours (1 day).Accepts Enquiries via Email.

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  • Practicing Since: 5 years
  • Appointments Via: Email
  • Medium:
    • 🌐 Online
  • City: Delhi
  • Qualifications:
    • Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • Additional Qualifications:
    • Psychological First Aid
  • Languages Known: English, and Hindi (English might be their primary language for therapy)
  • Hourly Fee (₹): 1,500 - 2,000
  • Payments Via: PayTM & Online Wallets, UPI/Google Pay
  • Available On: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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  • Why did you choose to become a counsellor?
    I initially wanted to study psychology because of personal life experiences, most of them involving a curiosity to understand why people are the way they are. I had set out to be a researcher, however, in the course of my studies, I fell in love with the concept of therapy and counselling. Drawing from my own time as a therapy client and this new found love, I decided I wanted to pursue therapy as my profession.
  • What excites you about your work as a counsellor?
    I think the most exciting part about my job is when I stand witness to my client’s healing process. It’s an experience that is singular and it keeps me in awe of every client I meet, their resilience, and their resolve to get better.
  • What do you hope for your clients to experience after their first session with you?
    I hope that after their first session my clients are closer to knowing that they deserve to be heard and that there is a safe space available to them where they are accepted as they are. I truly believe that wanting to know more about someone and their experiences can be therapeutic for them, so I hope I am able to affirm their belief in therapy and that they are rid of their apprehensions about the process.
  • What would you wish to tell a client who is thinking about seeking counselling?
    It’s okay to struggle every now and then, but it’s also okay to ask for help, you deserve it without a question. It’s okay if you’re not sure what you exactly want. It’s okay if you think your therapist is not the right fit for you so you’re allowed to ask questions, as many as you want. You might not find every answer every time, but it’ll totally be worth it-you might just end up finding parts of yourself you never knew existed.
  • Describe the relationship that you would wish to build with your client in counselling.
    I think the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapy. Firstly, I like to foster a safe space for my clients so they are able to be themselves and speak their minds freely. I believe in empowering my clients rather than giving them advice, and therefore believe that they are experts in their own lives and I’m here to facilitate the process. I provide them information and resources and constantly ask for their feedback. I truly believe in teaching someone how to fish rather than feed them fish.
  • In your counselling work so far, what has been your greatest learning from your clients?
    Navigating life is tricky, but resilience in the face of human experience is a constant in every client I’ve met. The want to better themselves and taking the time to do it, I think it’s commendable.
  • What are some of your strengths as a counsellor that you value and appreciate?
    I think my biggest strength is that I value client feedback the most. I’m open to trying new approaches without pushing on one that may not be working. For that purpose, I keep reading and keep myself updated with different therapeutic modalities. Every time I meet a new client, I see it as an opportunity to learn something from them and unlearn some of my own biases. In my practice and in my personal life, I’m inclusive.
  • What are some of the things you like to do in your free time?
    In my free time I can be found playing with puppies, eating something cheesy and reading a Psychology textbook.
  • What are the areas of concern you address in counselling? Do you work with specific populations?
    I have experience in working with young adults and older adults in dealing with anxiety, depression, stress and emotional management, and relationship issues and management.
  • What is the therapeutic approach you use? How would you describe it to someone who wants to consult you for therapy?
    I use an eclectic approach, that is a number of mixed modalities. I strongly believe in a client centered approach, which basically means providing my clients with a safe, non-judgmental and empathic space where they can find, with my support, ways in which they can work on their life skills and facilitate their healing, so they are able to reach their maximum potential. I also find emotion focused work to be my home ground, wherein I work with my clients to help them understand their emotions, hone their power and manage them effectively. I use a collaborative approach where both my client and I are working together, rather than them being a passive receiver of information.
  • How do you make your therapeutic practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx?
    I have kept myself up to date with readings in this sphere, and in fact constantly undertake Googling projects to understand what other therapists around the world are doing to be inclusive to learn as much as i can. I take a social justice and intersectional lens to my work and understand the effect of homophobia and transphobia on individuals that may be coming to me, seeking help. On a personal level, I always ask clients their preferred pronouns and respect them, and provide them with a space where they can express themselves freely.
  • The Quote Aadya Resonates With

    Kid, you'll move mountains!

    Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

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