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Rainbow Rhythms:Jamming to Queer Music Event

  • Date Sunday, Jun 23 2024
  • Time @ 12:30pm - 3:30am
  • Event Medium Offline
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Jamming to Queer Music Event

Event Overview: The Jamming to Queer Music Event is a vibrant celebration of queer musicians and performers. This event aims to create a sense of community and belonging through the power of music, promoting inclusivity and self-expression.

Event Goals:

  1. Foster Community Connection:
  • Shared Experience: Bring people together to enjoy and appreciate the power of music, creating a strong sense of community and belonging.
  • Collective Joy:Foster a shared sense of joy and celebration through music and dance.
  1. Celebrate Queer Artists:
  • Visibility: Highlight and honor the contributions of queer musicians and performers, giving them the recognition and visibility they deserve.
  • Showcase Talent: Provide a platform for queer artists to showcase their talent and connect with a broader audience.
  1. Promote Inclusivity:
  • Welcoming Space: Create an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of their identity, can feel welcomed and free to express themselves through music and dance.
  • Cultural Exchange:Promote a cultural exchange that celebrates diversity and fosters mutual understanding.
  1. Encourage Expression:
  • Authentic Self: Allow participants to experience and express their identities through the shared enjoyment of music, fostering a safe environment for self-expression.
  • Creative Outlet: Provide a creative outlet for participants to connect with their emotions and experiences.
  1. Empower Through Music
  • Healing Power: Use music as a tool for empowerment, healing, and celebration, helping participants to connect with their emotions and experiences in a positive and uplifting way.
  • Inspiration:Inspire attendees through the power of music and the stories behind the songs.
  1. Build Awareness:
  • Appreciation: Increase awareness and appreciation of the diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community through the universal language of music.
  • Advocacy: Promote advocacy and support for queer artists and their contributions to the cultural landscape.

Need for the Event:

  1. Celebrating Queer Artists:
  • The event addresses the need to celebrate and honor the contributions of queer musicians, promoting visibility and appreciation.
  1. Creating Inclusive Spaces:
  • By creating an inclusive and welcoming space, the event fosters a sense of belonging and self-expression for all participants.
  1. Promoting Community Connection:
  • The event promotes community connection and mutual support through the shared experience of music and dance.

Conclusion: The Jamming to Queer Music Event is a celebration of queer musicians and performers, fostering community connection, inclusivity, and self-expression through the power of music. The event promotes visibility, appreciation, and support for queer artists, creating a vibrant and inclusive space for all.to learn and develop new skills in sewing, knitting, and other textile arts.

  • Date: Sunday, Jun 23 2024
  • Time: @ 12:30pm - 3:30am
  • Number Of Sessions: Single Session
  • ETA:
  • Event Medium: Offline
  • Organized By: Organized By The Community
  • Address: 325, above DBS bank, Shree Amba Sadan, Khar - Bandra Linking Rd, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052
  •   Fee:   ₹ 500 - 1,000  
  • Notes from the organizer: Donation of ₹500-1000 (Payments beyond Rs. 500 will help fund therapy for people from the LGBTQIA community)
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