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In a society where stigma has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that stigma.

We are TheMindClan.com.

We curate inclusive and supportive resources for you can choose from to care for your mental health with ease.

You have the right to find an affirmative and non-judgmental space that supports your mental health.

We are here to make this process easier and less intimidating.

What Can You Find Here?

We offer you access to a curated range of support services that you can reach out to, when you're stuck at 'Where Do I Start?'

At Our Core

  • Through our platform, we want the world to know that we are grounded in feminist, social justice, LGBTQIA+ liberation, and other movements of inclusion.
  • We center the needs and invite the experiences of each and every individual irrespective of age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, caste, colour, or physical ability.
  • We believe that through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, as a community, and as an effective mental health care system.

Why We Are Different

  • At TheMindClan.com we combine the nimbleness of a startup with the mission and values of a not-for-profit.
  • We firmly believe that there's no cookie-cutter approach to mental health care.
  • We are devoting our time and resources to help individuals understand a more personal form of caring for their mental health.
  • We are also completely volunteer-driven, and offer the platform to our users at no cost.

💖 Inspired By Our Own Struggles.

We launched TheMindClan.com, having experienced our own struggles of finding support for our loved ones. We know how it feels when you have to browse endless lists, not knowing whom to trust, not knowing what to expect.

  • We believe the process of finding support should be easier.
  • Our efforts are purely voluntary. We don't charge a listing fee to the therapists or support groups on our platform, to curate, verify and amplify their work.
  • We support ourselves by working closely with corporate organizations, to facilitate webinars and workshops on mental health for their employees. Learn More.
  • We also work on creating resources that help make mental health a priority in more spaces.
  • Everything we do is to help you recognize the wonders of inclusive mental health support.

If you love our work in making mental health care accessible and inclusive, and would would like to invite us to your organization, or collaborate on anything else, get in touch!

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🆓 Free access for you & your loved ones.

We believe everyone deserves to find a , non-judgemental , inclusive and affirmative. space that supports their mental health.

Finding Support On TheMindClan.com

How It Works?

Select A Resource

It can be a support group, counsellor, event, resource, anything you feel comfortable with!

Deep Dive

View details about the resource and the kind of support you can expect from it/them.

Access & Reach Out

Reach out or access the tool, and experience a personal form of mental health care.

Our Values

Why We Do It

We believe the mental health care system can change.

The existing mental health care systems are plagued with stigma, quick to pathologize, and driven by a cookie-cutter approach that does not take individual needs into account.

We intend to flip the system on its head by placing people's choice at the centre. We intend to become a system that understands you for who you are and is sensitive to your identities.

We hope to put you at the center of the change.

We believe that the intimidation, judgment and stigma surrounding mental health can be chipped away when people are able to make choices for their mental health care by themselves, based on their current needs, in a non-threatening community space like ours.

Let's work together.

To complement our work as service enablers in the mental health care space, we also work with institutions, corporates and others to make mental health care an accessible journey for their people.


Let's have conversations on mental health, well-being and culture in your organization.

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Let's have conversations on mental health care with the stakeholders of your institution.

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Event Organizers

Invite us to facilitate conversations on mental health care with your audiences.

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Let's help your audiences understand mental health through the lens of their context and lived experiences.

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Where You've Seen Us

Our Team

Core Team


Shweta Srinivasan (She/Her)

Co-Founder, Community Lead

Shweta comes with an earnest passion for and understanding of mental health. She is a practicing counsellor and her heart lies in getting to know the people underneath the problems that they present. Shweta has always yearned for safe spaces that address mental health and self-care, and that feel like home. She intends for TheMindClan.com to be that safe space for you.


Mani Kumar (He/Him)

Co-Founder, Product Lead

Mani brings with him a strong foundation in the media field with a core focus on branding, design, marketing and SEO. He believes that every individual has a powerful story that deserves expression – all they need is the right space and platform to be heard. Through TheMindClan.com, Mani hopes that individuals find the safe space to express their stories and discover themselves.

Looking To Collaborate?

Reach out to us! We’d love to know about your journey in this space. Through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, and as a community. We aren’t here to compete, we are here to collaborate.

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