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New Year Resolutions? Try Reminders.

On the last Sunday of the year, we invite you to rethink the idea of new year resolutions!⁣

What if every new year was about noting gentle reminders for ourselves, rather than making firm decisions to do or not do something?⁣

Reminders over resolutions could help us:⁣

💛 Invite more kindness for ourselves. Decisions do not have to be as boxy and rigid as resolutions.⁣

💛 Realize that our goals and hopes may change a lot or shift a little, remain the same or completely transform, as the year goes by. Goals and hopes do not have to be as set in stone as a to-do list.⁣

💛 Honour the fluidity of our identities and the reality of our contexts. Resolutions may not take into account the very real feelings, concerns, and difficult experiences that we cope with on a daily basis or are coping with currently. It’s okay to make space for this reality when we look ahead at a new year.⁣

Reminders over resolutions. 🙌🏽⁣

Tell us, what would you like to put down as reminders for yourself this new year? 🌼

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