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Slowing Down

In a world where pushing ourselves limitlessly, a “sleep is for the weak” approach, and non-stop hustling are celebrated as markers of success, we see slowing down as an act of resistance!

An act of rethinking success.

An act of prioritizing ourselves.

An act of preserving ourselves.


This is a small reminder for you at the beginning of the week that just like our sloth friends, it’s okay for us to conserve our energy, preserve our health, and simply slow down.

What might slowing down look like?

🍍Breaking, pausing, resting in the day or week.

🍍Soothing and relaxing yourself from time to time.

🍍Stopping completely.

🍍Removing or cutting down what’s on your plate.

🍍Deciding to not add anything more to your plate.

🍍Reassessing and rearranging your goals to fit them closer to your hopes.

🍍Knowing that you don’t have to do it alone. Inviting help, support, and interdependence with people.

Tell us, what does slowing down look like for you? Do you see slowing down as being helpful? 🌻

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