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When could you consider seeking therapy?

The biggest reason to consider seeking therapy is finding a mental health professional who gets you. This post highlights a few more reasons to give therapy a chance! 🌻

When Could You Consider Seeking Therapy?"

1. Your distress comes in the way of your day.

Your experience interrupts things that are important to you, takes up more mind space etc.

2. Emotions feel overwhelming.

You want to figure ways to deal with, balance, or simply understand them better.

3. Unpack and call out systems of oppression.

Mental health is political and oppressive systems can put us in real distress. Your therapist is an ally and should support you in discovering your ways of resisting and coping.

4. To make sense of your life experiences.

You may want to safely share, process the impact of and recognize your personal resilience during certain difficult life events.

5. To expand your support system.

Your therapist is on your team, beyond the support of friends and family. They rage with you, hope with you, co-travel with you through your life stories, and always believe in you.

6. To strengthen coping responses.

You discover, learn and strengthen ways to cope with experiences that are emotionally difficult.

7. To explore and enrich your preferred life.

Your priorities, dreams, hopes, and values matter and deserve a space to be witnessed.

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