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A graph of things you're worthy of

What would it be like to engage with the idea that you are enough, no matter what?

What would become possible if we attented to our needs, from a place of knowing that we have a right to access them?

What would we experience more of, if we gave ourselves the permission to desire - fully, deeply, and unapologetically?

What would it be like to express our wants from a space of knowing, that we CAN want them, even if attaining them feels a little inaccessible right now?

If you’ve been feeling a stuckness that’s getting you to question “Do I deserve this need? Am I allowed to have this desire/want?” - then here’s your reminder that you are always worthy of them, no matter what. 🌻

✨Your worth as a person is not conditional.
✨You are enough as you are.
✨Your needs and wants can take up space.
✨You can allow yourself to access them. Even if you’re simply thinking about your needs and wants and what they might look like, that’s already some important, magical work you’re doing for yourself. 💜

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