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The start of the year often holds a lot of excitement about the way forward, chaos about where the way begins, or a complex mix of the two!

Before we look ahead to discover where we want to go, can we pause to look at where we are right now?

How did we get here? 🌻
What part have we played in bringing ourselves to this point?
What are the hoops we’ve had to cross and the bridges we’ve had to build?
What are the bonds we’ve had to strengthen and the connections we’ve had to loosen?
How did we manage to make all of this possible?

Take several moments.
Reflect on what your path has given you, what it has possibly taken from you.
Acknowledge that you are glorious for having made it here through everything that your path has thrown your way.
Take notice of the fact that you ARE here.

How did your resilient, amazing self get here?
Breathe that in 🌻

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