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Interdependent Caregiving

Caregiving is often viewed as a one-way relationship of “offering assistance or help to a person who needs it due to disability and/or a mental health condition.“⁣

πŸ‘€ This definition may perpetuate the idea of rescuing or saving a person “in need” and takes away their agency.⁣

πŸ‘€ It implies that only one person needs support in this relationship.⁣

πŸ‘€ The “caregiver” is assumed to be able-bodied and hence, independent and not requiring any help or support for themselves.⁣

Viewing caregiving in this way can be problematic and unhelpful. Let’s shift this! ⁣

What if we were to experience caregiving as a two-way relationship of interdependence on each other? 🌻⁣

Interdependence in caregiving:⁣

🌟 Honours the fact that we both need help and support. We both may need different kinds of floats.⁣🌟 Recognizes how we need each other in many little and big ways. It is not about me β€œdependent on you.” It is not you deciding to β€œhelp” me. It is both “you and I”, it is “we” in this together.🌟 Does not allow ableism to decide our worth as people in the relationship.⁣🌟 Locates the problem in the unjust waters, not inside the people navigating those waters.⁣🌟 Allows for love and care in the relationship to exist from a position of justice.⁣🌟 Celebrates solidarity and community over the binary of independence-dependence.⁣

Do you resonate with interdependent caregiving?⁣Is there something about caregiving that you see differently?⁣Let us know how this floats with you 🐢⁣

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