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Holding On

We notice a lot of conversations on the importance of “letting go” in order to support our mental health.Letting go of insecurities,of past memories,of self-doubt,of frowns and that pout.But let’s first acknowledge some things about letting go.

πŸ‘€ Letting go can feel scary, when we don’t know how or where to begin.πŸ‘€ Letting go can feel destabilizing, especially when we are asked to let go of things that have felt all too familiar and comfortable, even if they have been unhelpful.πŸ‘€ Letting go can feel isolating and lonely.

Let’s shift this conversation!What if, before we decide to let go, we were to think about things that we could hold on to?✨Holding on to things and people that:

🌻 Have been helpful for us to navigate through life.🌻 We hold close to us because they tell us who we truly are or who we want to be in this world.🌻 Remind us of our hopes.🌻 Ground us in our commitments for the kind of life we want to live.🌻 Are relaxing and calming.🌻 Are gentle and comforting.

Hold on. Before you let go. 🌻Tell us, what are some helpful things you hold on to?

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