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Insecurities Are Like Faces Of An Eclipse

Have you ever noticed how insecurities operate in our lives?⁣⁣Insecurities eclipse us. They can make us:⁣👀 second-guess our decisions⁣👀 question our skills⁣👀 not take initiative or try new things⁣👀 not share our opinions⁣👀 not speak up⁣👀 feel low on confidence⁣👀 not trust ourselves⁣⁣Insecurities maintain their hold over us by telling us that there’s something wrong with us.⁣They place the problem inside us.⁣They place the blame within us.⁣They put the “lack” inside us.⁣⁣Wait a minute. Do you see this? What a sneaky thing to do! 🤔⁣⁣Are we really okay with what insecurity is doing to us?⁣⁣What would happen to the insecurity if we turned the tables?⁣⁣If we begin to recognize that the problem is not us, the problem is the insecurity. The problem is the rules, norms and structures that the insecurity stems from, that try to tell us what’s “acceptable”, “good enough”, “normal”.⁣⁣What if we begin to uncover the hidden ways in which the insecurity operates in our lives and eclipses our identities?⁣⁣Would we then notice the big ball of light that we truly are that the insecurity has been blocking?⁣How bright would we shine then? ✨⁣⁣

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