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Responding to Insecurities

Insecurities can often have a strong hold over us and affect us in ways that place us in distress. What are some things we could do to respond back to insecurity and reduce its impact on us?⁣⁣🌻Recognize that you are not the problem. The problem is the insecurity. It may help to first view the insecurity separate from who you are.⁣⁣🌻Reflect on the ways insecurity operates in your life. What are the situations and times when the insecurity walks in? How does it hold you back? How does it make you feel about yourself?⁣⁣🌻Pause before you accept the insecurity as the truth. Insecurities may come in as thoughts, a critical voice, or negative statements we tell ourselves. They can be so quick and automatic, that we don’t stop to question them.⁣⁣🌻Challenge the insecurity by asking questions. For instance, if the insecurity tells you that you are going to fail at something, challenge it by asking: “Has the insecurity always been right about me or the situations I’m in?“⁣“Have there been times when the insecurity has been wrong? What are those times like?“⁣⁣

🌻Protest the insecurity by noticing instances and times in your life when it did NOT have a strong hold over you or when you reduced its impact on you. Reflect on what made that possible. Collect evidence against it!⁣⁣🌻Protect yourself against the insecurity by adding more people on your team! Access voices of support from people who believe in you, who love you no matter what, who motivate and encourage you, who respond to you with kindness.⁣⁣🌻Beat the insecurity at its own game. Think about it. What does the insecurity get out of making us feel miserable? How does it benefit? Is it blocking us from noticing something about ourselves?⁣⁣🌻Respond with kindness and love. Some of our insecurities may stem from experiences when we were made to feel that we are not good enough. Comfort your insecurity by reminding yourself that you ARE enough. You always have been. The problem is not you, the problem is in the criteria of “good enough”. Who decides what’s “good enough”? Do these criteria of “good enough” take your context into account?⁣⁣Tell us, how do you deal with insecurities? 🌟

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