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Finding a Safe Space

The idea that safe spaces are important for us is a known one. But we have been meaning to try and identify what a safe space really means.

How do we recognize a safe space? What must a space have to help us feel safe? 👀

Here are some ideas of how we see safe spaces:🌟 A space where we can talk without filters, yet not feel the pressure to do so.🌟 A space where we can be and feel valued for simply being.🌟 A space where our vulnerabilities can be held gently and sensitively.🌟 A space where there is respect for all the identities we come with.🌟 A space of speaking truths.🌟 A space of responsible showing up. For ourselves. For another.🌟 A space that invites slowness and affirmation.🌟 A space that does not invite shaming or attacking.🌟 A space where breathing comes easy.

What ideas would you pick from these to define your safe space? What ideas would you add to this list? 🌻

Who would you invite into your safe space? 🌻

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