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What Is Sex?

A resource written by The Mind Clan
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Understanding What Sex Is

‘Sex’ is a label you’re ‘assigned’ by medical professionals at the time of birth. This is purely made based on the genitalia you present at the time of birth.

What are the types of sex?

  • “Female”: Females typically have a vagina. They typically also have XX chromosomes.
  • “Male”: Males typically have a penis. They typically also have XY chromosomes.
  • “Intersex”: Intersex folks can have genitals (or chromosomes) that do not fit the ’typical’ definitions of ‘male’ or ‘female’. (Learn more about Intersex by clicking here.)

What does your sex try to define?

  • ❌ Your role in society
  • ❌ How you are expected to present yourself
  • ❌ Who you are attracted to
  • ❌ Gender that you identify as
  • ❌ The toilet you should use
  • ✅ How you can expect healthcare from medical professionals

We live in a world where diversity exists even in size, shape, and structure of our sex characteristics and anatomy. However, humans dilute this diversity down to binary categories like male and female, inturn subjecting the intersex community to stigma, judgment and harmful practices.

In Closing

Diversity in sex, gender and sexuality is beautiful and complex. This diversity should be honoured and celebrated, and the first step is often challenging the binary.

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