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The Before & After of Seeking Therapy

Have you noticed how we talk to ourselves about our feelings? 🌼

What might be the effect of these statements on us? 🤔
“Why am I feeling this” could possibly place blame, responsibility and shame inside us.
“What is my feeling a response to? What is making my body feel this way?” could help to broaden that responsibility, help us view our feelings non-judgementally and with curiosity, and expand our view of all the things that are impacting our mental health. 🌿

Our feelings do not exist in a vacuum away from our surroundings and what’s happening to us. 🤗

Mental health goes beyond simply an individual responsibility. It is a collective one that’s influenced by a number of social, cultural, environmental and political factors outside the individual too. Let’s begin to acknowledge this in little ways - even starting with how we question and approach our feelings. ❤️

Has therapy helped you broaden the way you talk to yourself about your feelings? ☺️

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