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Reminder: Your Therapist And You Are On The Same Team.

When we are in distress, the first few sessions in therapy can feel slower than we’d like or more uncomfortable than we’d expect.

We might be sharing things that we’ve never shared before, discovering parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden for so long, and uncovering moments of pain along with hope at the same time that it feels overwhelming.

It can be a lot. Isn’t it? šŸ¤—

We want you to know that it’s okay if you feel this way. Your therapist is in that conversation with you - in the thick and thin of it all. While you’re opening up about your life stories, you can also open up about what it’s like in this moment to be sharing these stories.

You can have an open dialogue with your therapist about the pace of your sessions, the process and what you can expect. You can share feedback about your therapy journey with them.

Know that your therapist is meant to be on your team. They support you, believe in you, rage with you and hope with you, and strengthen what’s working for you. šŸ’œ

šŸŒ¼ Therapy can be a slow process - but there is intention in this slowness.
šŸŒ¼ Change and relief may happen gradually - but they become visible too.
šŸŒ¼ Growth happens in small shifts rather than long leaps - trust the therapy process and yourself.

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