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Lockdown Reminder

As a mental health platform that understands the benefits and nuance of working remotely, we share this gentle reminder that for those of you who are in this with us, you aren’t simply working from home. You’re working from home during a pandemic.

Work-from-homes let you invest in supportive infrastructure, assume your home is a safe space, let you reach out to support systems after work hours, and most importantly allow you to move out of your home without the fatigue of work travel.

Companies take years to figure out a remote working policy and culture that ensures healthy work/life balance and keeps you at the center. The current situation, however, is unplanned and we must acknowledge that we are all learning to adapt to it each day with our unique set of challenges.

Any way that you are coping with this is okay. Wherever you’re looking for support, it’s valid.

We’re in this together. ❤️

We hope you’re able to access kindness, safety, and care for your health, one day at a time. 🌻

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