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Let your therapist know.

If therapy has been helping you.

Supportive and inclusive therapy is one that prioritizes the client’s feedback and experience. It is immensely important to be open with your therapist about anything that does not feel okay about the direction that therapy is going in, something that your therapist may have said or done that felt judgmental or non-affirming, or a therapeutic process that does not seem to be working for you.

At the same time, we may miss out on noticing and being open with our therapist about the little ways in which therapy might actually be helping or supporting us too.

The tiny wins in your day, that sense of relief, that feeling of safety in your body, a reassurance of comfort and worthiness, accessing insight and clarity, an anchor or reminder that helped you cope better - all of these and more could be some ways in which you might recognize a positive therapeutic impact.

We have had difficult and overwhelming days for a long while and every safe space, including the one with your therapist, matters. Especially during a time when our world has been dispensing a flurry of bad news, acknowledging and celebrating the wins - no matter how tiny - can be valuable for our mental health. 💜

Take a few moments to note the ways in which therapy might be helping you right now, and take an extra moment to let your therapist know about them. 🤗

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