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  • Fees Type: Paid
  • City: Mumbai
  • Facilitated By: Mental Health Professionals
  • Languages: English
  • Meets: Twice A Month
  • Participant Limit: 10
  • Notes: Sessions are conducted on the first, and third Thursdays of the month.
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  • What Is Support Circle About?
    The group aims at holding meaningful conversations about concerns that typically play on the minds of young adults such are creating work life harmony, navigating relational stressors, boundary setting, emotion regulation, self-care and a lot more ! Off late, it has been focusing on concerns and challenges the pandemic has brought on.
  • What is your founding story?
    The group was started based on the observation that a large number of people in this age group were bringing up similar concerns (either in sessions or via social media) and we thought that creating a safe common space would allow everyone to experience a sense of universality or ‘not being alone’. The hope of the group is to learn through each other’s experiences while creating a sense of community and belonging. We also recognize that seeking mental health support can be challenging due to financial concerns and this our attempt of making the same more accessible and approachable!
  • When was your support group founded? How has the journey been since then?
    It started very recently in April 2021. The journey since has been one of learning and community building.
  • Who is your support group for?
    The group is open to all young adults in the age group of 18-30years. As long as the members resonates with the topic of the week, they are welcome to share their lived experiences and insights.
  • Explain your group's approach towards helping a person's mental health care.
    We believe that vulnerability requires not only requires courage but also safe spaces. When such spaces are made accessible we can create a lot more connection and meaning in our lives. The group aims at using a trauma informed and mindfulness based approach in understanding experiences and coping with them. Meditation practices and breathwork are an integral aspect of the sessions since believe that “with a sense of feeling anchored, the storms can be easy to withstand”
  • What is your group's approach towards professional mental health care interventions?
    The group is conducted by a mental health care organization that has multiple clinical and counselling psychologists on board to help people on a one-to one basis if necessary. Additionally, the organization has a referral pool of psychiatrists who clients can be referred to if required. Moreover, the group is conducted by a trained mental health professional who can intervene and respond to crises if need arises in session itself.
  • What conversations is your support group not equipped to support?
    Serious mental health conditions and vulnerabilities that may require hospitalization and crisis based interventions.
  • How does one sign up? What’s the coordination process like?

    The registration link for the group can be accessed through our website. Upon registration members will be provided with the zoom details.

    For any additional queries or concerns do reach out to us.

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  • Walk us through the average format of your group session.
    The group is held for one hour on a weekly basis with a short orientation to the purpose of the group, the therapeutic approach of the facilitator and member introductions. We then open up the discussion for the topic of the week and members are free to share their experiences and insights. Questions if any are explored by the group collectively. The group refrains from giving advice as a whole and sharing of only personal experiences is encouraged. Towards the end a short breath practice of meditation is done to create a sense of grounding !
  • What are your home rules/values?
    Respect and inclusivity are the founding values of the group. Additionally, the space is meant to create a safe discussion regarding important topics and to enable the same advice giving between members is kept to a minimal to uphold the uniqueness of one’s own experiences.
  • What do you hope for participants in your group to take back with them after a session?
    A sense of ‘we-ness’, agency and support. The hope is that the members recognize their innate ability to stay resilient in the face of challenges and foster a sense of compassion towards self and others !

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