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Understanding Support Systems

Let’s talk about Support Systems!⁣⁣The lockdown may have put a strain on what we can expect from the support systems we have commonly relied on.⁣⁣Some of us might be identifying new spaces of support while renegotiating our reliance on the old ones.⁣Some of us may continue to access the spaces of support that we trust, but in new and unfamiliar ways.⁣

It might be helpful to pause and reflect on:⁣✨ What are some of these support systems that I’m accessing right now?⁣✨ What needs of mine are being addressed within each of these systems?⁣✨What kind of supportive role is each of these spaces fulfilling for me?⁣✨What are some ways in which I’m lending support and care in these spaces too?⁣⁣Understanding the kind of support systems we are accessing and the role each system plays, can help us attend to our needs and manage our expectations more mindfully. ⁣⁣We hope that this post helps you rethink how you are engaging with the support systems around you, so that you are able to experience the specific kind of resonance, support or care that you are looking for at a given point in time. ☘️

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