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Therapy Boundaries: Can you follow therapist's social media account?

In today’s digital times, it’s not a surprise that our therapists are on social media too - either publically or privately! 💯

It might help to keep in mind, that your therapist does care about you and about what’s happening in your life. They’re thinking about you outside of sessions too, to figure out different ways, questions, stories and resources to respond to your concerns.

Every therapist may not be comfortable to find out about what’s happening in your life through your social media account. This doesn’t mean that they reject you or don’t care about you. This may simply be an important boundary in therapy for them. 🤗

However, just like all things mental health, boundaries with a therapist are also not one-size-fits-all. 💜

We encourage you to have a conversation with your therapist about acknowledging the role of social media and what might feel comfortable for you both.

What can some social media arrangements look like with your therapist?
🌻Your therapist has an account that’s popular on social media and you’re okay to follow that, but not their private account.
🌻You and your therapist may both feel comfortable to follow each other. You may want to talk about boundaries of what’s okay/not okay within this too.
🌻 You may follow your therapist (if they feel okay), but they may not follow you back. Feeling weird about it? Talk to them, understand their boundary better from their words.
🌻You both may not want to follow each other at all!

..and maybe many other variations of possible arrangements and boundaries!

You’re allowed to keep revisiting these boundaries from time to time, to assess if something has changed for you about what’s okay and not okay with your therapist. 💙

Boundaries in therapy can be collaboratively decided, while making space for both the client and the therapist’s preferences. Let’s acknowledge that this is a relationship you’re building with your therapist - and it’s okay to have both your human-ness show up. 💜

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