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Television News & Mental Health

Some ways in which television news is affecting your mental health.

Let’s talk about Television News & Mental Health.

News about the happenings of the world can be painful to read, watch and experience. Our feelings of worry, panic, pain, distress are normal responses to this. It indicates that we care deeply about issues that the world and we as people are grappling with. Accessing support and coping as we rage and grieve together is so important for our mental health.

But sometimes, unplugging or taking a break from the news can be a necessary and supportive step we take for ourselves. For us to continue caring about the things that matter to us and showing up, we need to recognize that our energies can be finite and they require their fair share of soothing and replenishing.

Here are some ways in which you may recognize that the news has been overwhelming you and some ways you could cope. 💙

Tell us, how do you recognize this overwhelm? How do you soothe, replenish, and take care of yourself? 🍃

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