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Navigate Your Emotions: An Interactive Feeling Wheel

Stuck with the question: “How am I feeling?” This is a simple tool to help you explore and build awareness about your feelings in this moment.

I'm Feeling ______.

How To Use The Resource

There is no right or wrong way to use this resource. We encourage you to personalize it for your needs and what you find most helpful or accessible.

  • What is the Feeling Wheel on TheMindClan.com?
    The Feeling Wheel on TheMindClan.com is an innovative tool designed to help you explore and identify your emotions. To make it interactive, the Feeling Wheel has been transformed into blobs of emotion words. When you click on any of these blobs, it will lead you to more nuanced emotion words for you to choose from, until you find the word that most closely matches your emotional experience in this moment.
  • How does the Feeling Wheel enhance emotional understanding?
    Labelling our feelings is often the first step in learning how to cope with them. Our interactive Feeling Wheel allows you to click on blobs of primary emotion words to reveal a further list of deeper, related feeling words for you to choose from. This can help you recognize and articulate complex emotions with some degree of precision, which is said to be a helpful first step in your journey of learning how to manage them. To know more about how labelling our feelings can be helpful, check out this article: https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/the-power-of-words.
  • Is the Feeling Wheel suitable for everyone?
    Absolutely! The Feeling Wheel is a user-friendly tool that is suitable for anyone looking to explore and label their feelings in order to develop a deeper understanding of their emotional experience.
  • Will the Feeling Wheel help me relax and calm down?
    The main purpose of the Feeling Wheel is to aid you in exploring and building awareness about how you might be feeling in the present moment. A few research studies1, 2 indicate that this is a helpful first step in learning how to cope with the feeling since language acts as a “glue” or a “bridge” between our mind and our body’s experience of the feeling. At the same time, a few other studies3, 4 indicate that some people find that emotion-naming increases the intensity of their experience, making it more challenging to manage it in the moment. Hence, it’s important to note that the Feeling Wheel may not necessarily support you in regulating your emotional state. You will need to supplement the Feeling Wheel with another resource that’s more suited to help you in grounding, relaxing, and stabilizing your feelings. Honouring your safety and your body’s capacities is always a priority. If there’s any discomfort during this exercise that feels too much to bear, please pause the exercise and connect with your therapist for more guidance.
  • How do I use the Feeling Wheel?
    Simply scroll up and interact with the Feeling Wheel. Click on the blobs of emotion words to explore more nuanced and related feelings, thus creating a personalized journey through your emotional landscape.
  • Can the Feeling Wheel aid in therapy or counseling?
    Yes! While this is primarily a self-exploration tool, the Feeling Wheel can complement therapy by helping individuals articulate their emotions and discuss them more effectively in therapy.
  • What makes TheMindClan.com's Feeling Wheel unique?
    Our Feeling Wheel stands out with its cloud-based, interactive format. Unlike traditional wheels, it allows for a dynamic exploration of emotions through clickable word clouds or blobs, offering a deeper and more engaging emotional discovery experience.
  • Are there additional resources for emotional exploration?

Feeling Wheel: Discover and Navigate Emotions | TheMindClan.com

Embark on an emotional exploration with TheMindClan.com's interactive Feeling Wheel. A unique cloud-based tool to identify and understand your emotions. Click through multiple word clouds to uncover nested feelings, perfect for self-awareness and emotional intelligence.