Type: Support Group, Sharing Space (Currently on a break):

Warmly, Us (Everyday Problems Support Group)

A community space for anyone to share stories of our everyday lives

Not gathering.Direct Sign Up Form Available.

  • Fees Type: Paid
  • Notes: Price is Rs. 250 (per person).
  • Medium:
    โ€ข ๐Ÿ“Œ Offline
  • City: Bengaluru
  • Facilitated By: A Mental Health Professional
  • Languages: English
  • Meets: Monthly
  • Participant Limit: 20
  • What Is Warmly, Us (Everyday Problems Support Group) About?
    Warmly, Us, as a sharing space hosts reflective conversations, intended to center the sense of belonging in a community. The themes are designed on everyday experiences offering the ability to reconnect, build new, and revisit old relationships through a shared conversation. The space welcomes participants to invite chosen family, friends, and people they have been meaning to connect with.
  • What is your founding story?

    Warmly, Us was designed to create pauses in fast-paced city lives, allowing the nurturance of community, discovering the possibility of newness, with a break from routines. These monthly spaces were curated to center community and relationships anchored by themes relevant to the times.

    In the aftermath of pandemic, we hoped to introduce an offline, experiential space that expanded to allow for reflective conversations, sharing space with another, bringing forth the stories of our everyday lives.

  • Who are the facilitators behind Warmly, Us (Everyday Problems Support Group)?

    In โ€˜Warmly, Usโ€™ group spaces, the facilitator offers reflective prompts to the group, bridges conversations, and opens space for new directions for the group to choose to converse on. The facilitator adopts a decentered stance, the group begins to lead conversations anchored in the theme for the session.

    Note: Warmly, Us is not a support group gathering/group therapy, the facilitator gently may redirect conversations to the theme of the session. While the group holds space for sharing diverse experiences, the facilitator encourages the group to adopt a non-judgmental tone, approach replies with curiosity, being mindful of having to share space in a group. The need for individual mental health support/assistance may be discussed post-group session in interaction with the facilitator and the Team.

    Notes: The above information may change from time to time, and is shared with you to understand the background of where the support group comes from.
  • When was your support group founded? How has the journey been since then?
    The sharing space began in September 2022. The journey ahead will continue to be one that is agile in responding to the emerging needs of the community. The sharing space nurtures community and is driven by the hope that participants of the group feel a sense of belonging.
  • Who is your support group for?
    A community space for anyone to share stories of our everyday lives. These offline, monthly spaces are open to anyone to unwind, peppering the weekend with the possibility of connecting in groups, and finding your people.
  • Explain your group's approach towards helping a person's mental health care.

    The sharing space holds space for conversations centering on the lived experiences of the participants. However, this is not a support group/group therapy offering. The individual may reach out to the facilitator and the Team present for individual mental health support.

    The Listeners Collective is a group of multidisciplinary mental health and social justice professionals. The therapy services adopt tailored approaches firmly grounded in the socio-cultural context and environmental realities the individual inhabits.

  • What is your group's approach towards professional mental health care interventions?
    Both the facilitators and Team members present in the sharing space are trained, mental health professionals. The Listeners Collective offers online individual therapy sessions and is equipped with an extensive referral system. Advocated mental health interventions are rooted in intersectionality, deeply dependent on social realities, and firmly aligned with the principles of social justice.
  • What conversations is your support group not equipped to support?

    Warmly, Us a sharing space expands to accommodate diverse lived experiences. This is not a support group gathering/group therapy. Individual concerns and life events are encouraged to be discussed to help the group understand and hold diverse perspectives, experiences and to develop a sense of solidarity only. No interventions will be delivered during the session for individual concerns.

    The need for individual mental health support/assistance may be discussed post group session in interaction with the facilitator and the Team.

  • How does one sign up? Whatโ€™s the coordination process like?
    Participants are requested to fill out a registration form which mentions the date, timings and details of the venue. Warmly, Us is hosted offline at venues in Bangalore. Details of the venue are sent to the participants after registration.
  • Walk us through the average format of your group session.
    The session begins with a feeling check-in, an icebreaker activity, and reflective prompts for conversations, ending with a feeling check-out. The icebreaker and reflective prompts are curated based on the session theme.
  • What are your home rules/values?
    Warmly, Us, as a sharing space approaches conversations with curiosity, encouraging its participants to acknowledge and adopt accountability for the ways in which they show up in the space, emphasizing that the creation of a non-judgmental, safe space is a shared responsibility of the group.
  • What do you hope for participants in your group to take back with them after a session?
    We hope that the participants feel a sense of community, seen and heard in ways that they are comfortable with.

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