Type: Support Group, Sharing Space :

Divorce or Separation

Support group for individuals who are divorced/separated, or are in the legal process.

Type   Divorce or Separation

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  • Fees Type: Paid
  • Medium:
    β€’ 🌐 Online
  • City: Online Only
  • Facilitated By: A Mental Health Professional
  • Languages: English
  • Address: Zoom
  • Meets: Every Wednesday
  • Participant Limit: 8 people
  • Notes: Price For 6 Sessions: INR 4000 for India-based participants | INR 6000 for participants outside India | INR 500 Cashback for full attendance.
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  • What Is Divorce or Separation About?
    This group space is for individuals who are either in the process of legal divorce or separation as well as those who are already divorced or separated. The goal of the group is to build a safe, reflective and supportive group where difficult experiences and emotions are held and worked through.
  • What is your founding story?
    A lot of our expertise comes from the firsthand experience of something. So we started SoulUp, as a way for all of us to effectively discover and connect with our ‘Peers’ who are in the same boat as us - and learn from each others’ journeys. Soulup started with a few Support groups in 1. We got a few requests for a support group for divorce and we never looked back.
  • When was your support group founded? How has the journey been since then?
    March 2022 - have had a close to 100 people participate in the group since then. Overall positive feedback and some video testimonials uploaded on website page. The group facilitates the exchange of coping strategies, resources, and shared experiences, promoting healing.
  • Who is your support group for?
    This group space is for individuals who are either in the process of legal divorce or separation as well as those who are already divorced or separated.
  • Explain your group's approach towards helping a person's mental health care.
    We encourage members to seek professional mental health care when needed, offering information on resources and referral processes. Privacy and confidentiality is maintained. The group’s role is complementary to professional care, offering ongoing emotional support while individuals engage in therapeutic interventions. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic support system, acknowledging the significance of both peer support and professional mental health care
  • What is your group's approach towards professional mental health care interventions?
    We have a pool of therapists that individuals can access in case required. We let group members contact these therapists if they need one-on-one professional help. Leave the decision on the judgment of individuals.
  • What conversations is your support group not equipped to support?
    Not equipped to handle immediate crises, severe mental health disorders, substance abuse, legal issues, medical advice, intimate partner violence, child abuse, financial or employment matters, or professional therapy. These situations require specialized professionals, such as emergency services, mental health professionals, legal advisors, healthcare providers, law enforcement, child protection agencies, financial advisors, and therapists.
  • How does one sign up? What’s the coordination process like?
    One can signup through our website’s link. Once someone fills the form and completes the payment, they get information on Whatsapp about session schedule and joining information. We can be reached on email as well. Reach Out
  • Walk us through the average format of your group session.
    Sharing the flow of the session: Check-in, The facilitator reviews group guidelines, emphasizing confidentiality and respect. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts, or concerns related to the group’s focus. The facilitator guides discussions, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to speak. Coping strategies and resources may be shared. The session closes with a summary, expressing gratitude, and providing information about the next meeting.
  • What are your home rules/values?
    Our values include prioritizing confidentiality, fostering respect, and promoting active listening. Members are encouraged to express empathy, avoid discrimination, and use positive language. Regular attendance and punctuality are emphasized, with an understanding that participation levels may vary. The group focuses on sharing experiences, not giving advice, and members provide constructive feedback. Safety, both physical and emotional, is paramount, and the group values flexibility to accommodate diverse needs. Clear communication and consistent reinforcement of these guidelines contribute to a positive, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere within the support group.
  • What do you hope for participants in your group to take back with them after a session?
    1. Emotional Support: A sense of being heard and understood, and the comfort of knowing they are not alone in their experience.
    2. Coping Strategies: Practical tools and strategies for managing emotions, stress, and the challenges that come with divorce.
    3. Self-Care and Personal Growth: Encouragement to prioritize self-care and to view this life transition as an opportunity for personal growth and development.
    4. Community and Connection: A sense of belonging to a supportive community, and the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others who are in similar situations.
    5. Hope and Optimism: A renewed sense of hope and optimism for the future, and the belief that they can rebuild their lives and find happiness again.

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